So You Want to do a Press Trip?

Yay! We love traveling! We have extensive experience working on family travel blogs for destinations from Disneyland to boutique inns, trendy towns, big cities and rugged wilderness. As a group of six (with four kids born in five years!) we have unique insights into what works well for family travel blogs. Here's some info we like to share with interested partners to help us create the most authentic, relevant content possible.

Family Travel Blog - The Day Family

We almost always adventure together. Staying on top of a photo biz, full-time agency and blog takes a lot of work! So we cherish memory-making time with our kids when we travel (unless one or both of us is individually hired to represent a brand on a paid ambassadorship). Plus, our audience engages better when they see our whole group traveling together, just as any other family would!

Family Travel Blog - Kids Need Naps

Naptime is important. Children need breaks. We understand the urge to create a detailed back-to-back itinerary so we can see EVERY awesome thing your area has to offer. Kids' schedules, however, tend to be a bit…fluid. We really like to have a select few scheduled highlights coupled with a top ten list to fill in the gaps on our own as time allows.

Family Travel Blog - Transportation is Tricky

Transportation is tricky. On a couple occasions, we've had city tourism hosts chauffeur us around like the Kardashians. So glamorous, you guys! Inevitably, though, one of our kids has a meltdown and the situation goes from fancy to floundering. For this reason, we prefer to bring our own vehicle or get a rental (though we understand this isn't always possible).

Family Travel Blog - boys break stuff

Boys break stuff. And we feel bad about it. So as much as we'd love to see your super-secret factory / delicate fairy garden / ceramic egg collection, we should probably just skip that.

Please don't hesitate to email us at and let us know if you have any questions at all. Flexibility, to us, is a two-way street and we understand that a lot of effort goes into planning a press trip. Family travel blogging isn't always easy, but it's SO worth it!