The Smart Parent’s Guide to Road Trip Preparedness

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You learn a few things along the way after you become a parent. Before children enter the picture, the world is much simpler and far less taxing. You only need to plan for one person: you. That is, unless you consider having a significant other as well. WELL! HOLD YOUR HATS! That would mean you would have to not only consider your needs, but from time to time…cue dramatic reveal music…the needs or desires of another.

Preparing for a road trip with kids (good tips for safety and entertainment)

So, when I became a first time father, the learning curve was daunting. It was stressful to the point that our second story balcony started looking more and more like a diving board. Then number two came out. Quickly followed by number three. Needless to say, planning and logistics as well as stress have taken a step up in recent years.

Along the way I learned that when we travel as a family – and we travel a fair amount – we prefer to drive. First of all, no one else wants a family of four big boys near them in a flying tin can at 40-something thousand feet. Second, we've recently learned that we don't really want to be trapped in the same tin can with other people's germs. So, when driving, there are a few things to consider.

Safety is very important to us. We have three VIPs in our back seats, so we make sure every major trip gets the “treatment.”

Preparing for a road trip with kids (good tips for safety and entertainment) - check tire inflation

1. Have your shocks and tire inflation checked. This is important and EASY! The best way to do this is take it to a trusted local shop. Inspections are quick and can help maintain a safe and comfortable ride.

Preparing for a road trip with kids (good tips for safety and entertainment) - check road conditions

2. Do some basic research and reconnaissance. Check for major road blockages, collect road maps and assess weather conditions. Chelsea never could understand why I loved paper maps until we were in the middle of nowhere and cell service became about as available as electricity in an Amish community.

3. Determine places to make pit stops as well as how to cancel reservations. “Cancel reservations?” you might ask. Well, if this crazy little thing called Life gets in the way, yeah. Being able to adjust on-the-go is a talent ye voyagers might want to learn.

4. Snacks and chargers. Pretty much self-explanatory. Okay, I'll explain. Chargers are gonna be for your electronicals. You know, the tablets which hold the movies and games that soothe the children when their stagnancy has reached the boiling point. And snacks, well, those be the things you give them when they ransom your sanity for a Twinkie. Really, just a Twinkie and you can save yourself the random urge to take a sharp right in the middle of a left curving bridge.

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