Spa Themed Teacher Appreciation Buckets

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This is the first year my kiddo has been in preschool. To thank her awesome teachers, I came up with a spa themed teacher appreciation bucket. There are so many fun ideas out there on teacher appreciation gifts, but I wanted to make something I know I would enjoy if I received it. These cute buckets with all the supplies only cost me $8 each.

Spa Themed Teacher Appreciation Buckets

My kiddo and I headed out to the dollar store to see what we could find. I really only intended on finding some sort of container but ended up finding everything I needed in one spot. I thought the buckets were super cute and could be used for so many other things. We walked around the store and gathered our supplies for this fun spa in a bucket gift.

Package of Spanish Moss
2 Buckets
Gift Bows
Mini Fake Green Apples
2 Bath fizzers
Pack of 2 Hand Towels
2 Bottles of Nail Polish
2 linen scented candles
2 foam Inserts (optional)
2 Skewer Sticks

I love creating gift baskets or buckets. It is a really cute gift idea for people that I don”t know all that well. If you head out to your local dollar store and don't find these exact items, don”t fret. Just stick to a theme and a color scheme. My theme was spa related and I chose lime green and neutrals.

Spa Themed Teacher Appreciation Buckets

We headed home to compile our buckets after we gathered all of our items at the store. I first inserted the foam cube to the bottom of the bucket. Then I separated the moss into two pieces. Note: Keep half in the bag when separating for less of a mess. I learned the hard way by taking it all out of the package. Then I added the moss above the foam and let a little hang over the edge.

I attached the bows to the outside of the bucket. Then I took a skewer stick and stuck it through the bottom of the mini apples. The apples must have some sort of foam in them because it was pretty easy to do. I thought I may have to glue gun the apples but there was no need. Then I stuck the apple through the moss and into the foam piece. If you don”t buy the foam pieces it should work fine through the moss too. You could always crumble up a piece of paper to give the moss a little more height too.

Then I just arranged the remaining items into the bucket so they faced forward towards the bow. Easy peasy.

I can”t wait to give these to my kiddo”s teachers next week. I hope they like the buckets and know that we appreciate everything they do.

Spa Themed Teacher Appreciation Buckets


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