Stair Storage: a Quick DIY Project

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Here's how we solve two problems at once with a DIY stair storage box. We've partnered with HART Tools to tackle this quick and easy project! So many simple solutions are possible with a little creativity, the right tools, and a bit of wood.

Stair Storage Combination for the Win

Small boy climbing up large step

When Chelsea and I fled California in search of a Pacific Northwest homestead, we knew there would be work to do. We found a glorious little plot of land with what we can only assume is an old rundown gas station building. Abandoned for a number of years, it had no windows or doors and had been blanketed in benign graffiti by the local youth. We solved that problem with paint and a bit of creativity. Over the past few months, we found there was still something lacking. Something so simple it took the three year old to point it out.

We Need a Stair! And why not Storage?

Small boy jumping down from steps

Small problems can easily be overcome by simple solutions if one is properly geared. We've had HART tools in the home for years now and since they are easy to come by, so are the solutions they offer. I don't want to stifle my three year old's aspirations to be a paratrooper, but we still need a step. Chelsea brought up the idea of making it a useful space as well by giving it some sort of storage aspect. “Say no more,” I agreed and went to work. It was definitely one of the most clever storage ideas I've heard of.

Supply and Demand

Nate day using hart tape measure

For a project like this, the supplies are extremely easy to come by. They are even very simple to work with. I went down to the local hardware store and picked up a ready cut 2×4′ piece of half-inch thick plywood. Using my HART tape measure and circular saw from Walmart, I cut this plywood down to 42 inches so my stair storage would match the width of my door.

Nate day measuring wood for hart circular saw

Always make it a habit to measure twice. I can not tell you how many times I've made the mistake of forgetting to subtract the width of a support board. Similarly, don't forget to take into account the height of the top of a table when making legs. Typically, this results in recutting but occasionally can mean an entire scrapped project. Measure twice!

A Lightweight Workhorse

Cutting plywood with hart circular saw

If there was one tool I'd recommend from HART, right after the brushless drill, it would be the circular saw. This light little saw loves to cut. And cut it does. Over and over and over.

Measure twice and cut once with hart

Its narrow 6 1/2″ blade makes for quicker and easier cuts. That coupled with the 20v lithium ion battery makes for a pretty easy work day with little need to charge. That means more projects!

Bringing things Together

Nate day using brushless drill to screw wood together

After setting the width of the stair storage at 42″, I subtracted the width of the two 2×6″ pieces being used for the sides. That brought me to 39″ for the front and back pieces.

After cutting the box segments to length, I used my HART brushless drill to make pilot holes and secure them together with 2 1/2″ screws. I used my HART orbital sander to smooth out the edges and prep the plywood for the top of stair storage.

Checking fit on wood project

Stair Storage Space all HINGES on this

Nate day measuring hinge placement with hart brushless drill

One thing I didn't pay much attention to when I first started making wood projects with hinges, oddly enough, was the spacing of the hinges. For this project, the easiest way to get even placement is to measure equal distances from the outside of the stair storage box. Also, make sure the hinge is right side out. That's a quick thing to check and crucial if you…ya know…actually want it to open.

Stair storage nate day and happy son with hart tools

A Job Well Done

I've learned over the years that it's a TON of fun as a dad to include my little dudes in the projects around the house. It helps build confidence and reassurance them when it comes to them knowing how much I love them and am here for them.

In this case, my three year old got to watch me drive home the last few screws. It may have only been three screws, but as far as he'll remember, it might as well have been a whole day of work. And oh, the smile it brought to his face!

Happy child stair storage

Of course, he quickly approved of the finished project. It is a stair. Yes, it is a single stair because that's all we needed in this space. If you need more, just build a bigger box under the first box and strap them together with a metal bearing plate. Voila! Stair. Storage. It's stair storage!

Could you use some extra stair storage in your home? Order some HART tools straight from the Walmart website and get to work!


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