Chelsea Day

non-candy easter

33 Non Candy Easter Egg Fillers

It’s mere days before Easter, and you’re completely unprepared, and the bunny needs a little help. Don’t panic! I’ve been there. I’ll never forget the day I found myself at a local grocery store the night before Easter, clutching a crying baby, watching my husband entertain our two toddlers outside, and trying to figure out if I could pull together a spring-worthy celebration without just shoving a bunch of M&Ms into these brightly-colored plastic containers.

The best small town in Montana

The Best Small Town in Montana

We’ve traveled enough, at this point, that I’m pretty comfortable declaring this place the BEST small town in Montana. We’ve gone through via airplane, multiple road trips, lots of hiking and fishing expeditions and even a motorcycle and bike adventure or two.

South Dakota in winter

We’re Swooning for South Dakota in Winter

This is one of those states that our family keeps coming back to. It was inevitable that we’d land in South Dakota in winter at some point! We’d heard that January and February can get pretty dang cold, but we’re always ones to explore for ourselves.

Milk jug valentine holder that kids can make themselves. This would be perfect for a classroom Valentine's Day party!

Milk Jug Valentine Holder

Before we homeschooled, my oldest son came home from class one day telling me about Valentine’s Day. ‘Kids give each other candy!’ he exclaimed, “And we’re putting ours in a valentine holder at our desks.

Boise house

We Bought a Boise House – and it’s Groovy!

Okay so technically, we’ve lived in our Boise house for almost ten months. Yeah. This is how on top of life we are right now. But it’s one of the things people ask most about, so we figured it’s time to share some details – as the dreaded California transplants that we are.