26 Elephant Crafts for all Ages

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Nate and I are planning a 2018 trip to Africa, which I believe is how I first got sucked into the story of an orphaned baby elephant in Botswana. “Research!” I explained as I pulled up the Naledi documentary on Netflix. “We should know about the wildlife where we're going.” Thus began our sudden interest in elephants and our education about the plight of elephants in general.

We started talking about elephant conservation with the kids and what we can do to make a difference, and they thought we could do some fun elephant crafts to keep the animal top-of-mind.



Here are some Crafty Elephant Ideas!

Get the dialogue going with kids of all ages using any of these elephant craft ideas.

26 elephant craft ideas for all ages

Re-crafted elephant fork

Easy elephant handprint craft for kids

Feeling inspired? You can also find some great educational resources/lesson plans online and fun facts about elephants here.

What's your favorite thing about elephants?


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