balboa park fountain

Balboa Park San Diego with Kids

Having lived in San Diego for about ten years now, we’re Balboa Park San Diego veterans. I remember walking around the park until labor started with my first son! It’s been a go-to entertainment spot for our family. From homeschool friends to out-of-town guests, there’s something for everyone here.

SeaWorld San Diego with Little Kids

What to see at SeaWorld San Diego with Little Kids

With SeaWorld San Diego opening a ton of rides and educational shows in recent years, I’ve had some visitors ask if it’s an appropriate spot to take kids who aren’t tall enough or won’t necessarily sit still for a presentation. I always encourage these people to go see the many displays and hands-on experiences available at the park. More often than not, I wind up playing tour guide because I’m so enthusiastic about the incredible learning opportunities that are available here! Here’s a look at what OUR family does at SeaWorld with four boys ages 6, 4, 2 and 9 months.

Behind the scenes at SeaWorld San Diego

Behind the Scenes at SeaWorld San Diego

Nate and I have lived in San Diego for 8 years, and our kids have lived here all their lives. We’ve been to SeaWorld dozens of times, and have met numerous SeaWorld employees outside of the park. To say that it’s a cornerstone of our community is an understatement. It’s one of the first spots to come to mind when people think of San Diego, and readers email in questions about it on a weekly basis. There’s actually a trapeze studio in our neighborhood where our family has trained with a few of the park’s acrobatic performers. True story! In all that time, though, we’d never seen behind the scenes and really grasped the purpose of SeaWorld. Last week, we got an incredible glimpse at the rescue program behind the entertainment.

How to get little kids interested in movies? We have kids in a big range of ages so it can be challenging to get them all interested in the same show. Here are some of the ways that we keep them all engaged at the theater.

6 Offbeat Sights at the San Diego Zoo

The oldest kiddo and I went to the San Diego Zoo last week and had so much fun! I’ll admit that we’ve struggled a bit with getting him involved and engaged in the zoo before. He likes the animals and all, but kids are fickle. They want action and excitement! Outside of feeding time, animals tend to just kind of sit there for much of the day. This isn’t the circus: they aren’t here to perform for us.