Amazing Lawn Care Tools Gift Guide

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When it comes to giving the perfect gift, it's important to pick something that adds to the day to day life of the one you care about. I've created the perfect starter gift guide for that green thumb and aspiring lumberman based on my experience with my own STIHL lawn care tools.

Forget looking for the best drop spreaders or push mowers! Here are three levels of gifts that help you find the perfect tool to go beyond just lawn mowing.

Lawn Care Tools to Start With

Everyone knows that when it comes to handheld and gas powered equipment, our long-term sponsor STIHL is legendary. They're legendary for a few simple reasons such as high standards in quality, longevity, and being the most trusted tools out there for loggers, firemen, and anyone dealing with a lawn. They've truly mastered everything from pruners to chainsaws that can cut open a house. I've actually watched that happen (sometimes, as a cop, we like to watch the firemen do stuff).

Lawn Care Tools for the Stocking

Nate Day wearing STIHL Tshirt clothing

If you're looking for a simple win in the “stocking stuffer” department, look no further than STIHL's clothing line. I'm a fan boy of several companies but when it comes to wearing branded clothes, I'm picky. STIHL T-Shirts absolutely make the cut! STIHL was and is so prominent and well known that they made their own competition on ESPN (and it wasn't who could cut grass the fastest).

Chelsea Day using STIHL Gloves important lawn care tools

If you want something a little more work-oriented, look no further than the versatile line of STIHL gloves for every type of endeavor. From picking up grass clippings to delicately handling that tired old leaf rake, they work really well at keeping your hands safe and a whole lot cleaner when doing lawn maintenance.

STIHL pruners are an important lawn care tool

Finally, if you think that special someone is ready, take a look into a set of STIHL's quality made hand pruners. These essential gardening tools make tidying up that beloved rose bush or the neighbor's unruly hedge between your two driveways a WHOLE lot simpler. Let them work like an old-time artisan with these babies.

Gifting Heavier-Duty Lawn Care Tools

Looking for gifts for the more serious or heavier duty lawn tool user? You're going to want to look for items worthy of the “good wrapping paper” to be placed under the tree. When it comes to lawn care tools and equipment, this is where we start to dole out the servings of the meat and potatoes that STIHL is most known for.

I have not one, not two, but THREE fantastic battery powered options for you to consider for that special person!

Chelsea Day using the STIHL FSA 90 R as a lawn care tools

No serious lawn care aficionado is ever to be found without a long handled string trimmer. Nowadays, the perfect start to serious lawn care can be found in the fantastically efficient and clean electric powered FSA 90R. This bad boy is lightweight, quiet, clean and can get a whole yard job done on one charge.

Nate Day thinks the STIHL MSA 200 is a great Lawn Care Tools gift guide

When it comes to what STIHL is omst famous for, you definitely have to consider the chainsaw. If you want a chainsaw that can get any job done around the home or small farm – all while possessing those same eco friendly, quiet, and clean qualities – look no further than the MSA 200. I absolutely love mine and even take it on camping trips.

Nate Day thinks the STIHL KMA 135 R is an amazing lawn care tool

One of the coolest lines of tools made by STIHL is their “kombi” or combination system called the KMA 135R. This tool is perfect because you can build it into a collection of every tool you could possibly need (except the lawn mower, of course). Go ahead and toss that splintery rake because there are leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, street sweepers, and even a pole chainsaw tool all made to be attached to this baby.

Gifts for the True Connoisseur

Some people know what they want…and sometimes what they want is the best of the best. They're the high octane and heavy grind type that like to sweat while they work. These lawn care tools are for them.

Nate Day using STIHL MS 251 Wood Boss to clear forest road

Let's hit that nail right on the head with the perfect chainsaw for any homeowner looking to get into some serious cutting using the top of the line machine. I give you the STIHL MS 251 Wood Boss. This saw is everything you could need to go from simple limbing to dropping a tree. Not only is this high powered saw Made in America, it's also satisfying on a whole other level and a TON of fun.

STIHL RB 600 Pressure Washer is an important lawn care tool

Is your loved one a neat freak? If so, help them make everything outdoors clean again with the STIHL line of Pressure Washers. You might have forgotten that there was so much more to lawn care tools than just cutting, clipping, and blowing grass, leaves, and sticks. Now, you can clean the car, driveway, house siding, gutters, deck and so much more.

STIHL Chainsaw Protective chaps are an important lanw care tool

Finally, don't forget pro level safety and storage gear. With all that chainsaw action, two of the most crucial things to have available are a good pair of STIHL chainsaw protective chaps and a carrying case for the chainsaw itself. These are a must have for anyone that loves their chainsaw… and legs.

What lawn care tools would your loved one love the most?


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