Christmas Wood Crafts You Can Make

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Here are some fantastic DIY Christmas wood crafts you can make with that leftover tree trunk. We're using our STIHL chainsaw to cut our own tree, Christmas ornaments, and even coasters. Make the most of nature and time with family this holiday season, crafting memories together that you'll cherish for a lifetime!

Great Christmas Wood Crafts Start with safety

Nate Day in National Forest cutting Christmas Tree with STIHL Chainsaw

We may already be nearly to the end of our advent calendars, but that doesn't mean we're done with all the Christmas crafts this year. As a family, we like to make the most of everything we can – especially when we cut down our or real Christmas tree. That means even using all the scraps that we might have otherwise left behind.

Nate Day putting on STIHL Chainsaw safety gear and chainsaw chaps

First things first – even before we find our perfect trees – is SAFETY. We love traveling deep into the National Forests to find our own tree, far from the city. Being safe is paramount: boots, chaps, gloves, ear protection, and eye protection are all a must. There's not even cell service to get a life flight out of those snowy mountains, so we bring lots of first aid gear as well.

How to Find the Perfect Christmas Tree

Finding the Best Christmas tree with kids and STIHL Nate Day

One of the most important things I've learned as a father is to make sure the boys play a key role in major things we do as a family, whenever possible. This year, Ahren was “The Tree Picker.” Aside from a few helpful suggestions, he was solely responsible for our tree selection.

There's little more that can truly warm your heart than seeing the absolute pride and joy exuding from a 7-year-old's face when he feels like he's found a pot of gold in a tree.

Nate Day cutting down the best Christmas Tree with a STIHL Chainsaw 1

When the moment comes, be sure to have a camera handy because these are the moments they will want to look back on. In my experiences, they'd rather see pictures of these moments on the holiday mantel in place of anything they saw at a theme park.

Chelsea Day staying warm while cutting a Christmas tree in the National Forest with STIHL

Also, I have it on good authority that keeping Mama warm is also a high priority. Be sure to dress her warm and possibly even keep her cozy in the car while you cut your supplies for your Christmas wood crafts.

Christmas Wood Crafts Start Here

Christmas Wood Crafts you can make with STIHL

If you are interested in making your own Christmas decorations, it starts right after the first wood slice. Right after our tree fell, I was already thinking about my wooden crafts and what I could make of the remaining tree stump. I knew I wanted to cut a number of ‘cookies' from the stump to make our own Christmas tree crafts with the boys.

Christmas wood crafts using a Christmas tree and STIHL Chainsaw

After cutting all my log cookies for our holiday decorations, I had the boys run up and collect them to take home. It's also useful to make this little task a bit of race for “treasure coins” as it motivates them to work fast.

STIHL MS 251 on hood of Jeep cutting Christmas Tree

Looking at our stacked collection of little log cookies just reminded me why I love real wood Christmas trees so much. The smell of fresh cut evergreen, the satisfaction of using my STIHL MS 251, and the satisfaction of finding and bringing it all home. It's also nice to know that my favorite chainsaw is made in America, and made so well that I will be passing it down to the boys to use.

Making that Christmas Card

Cutting your own Christmas Tree in the National Forest using STIHL Chainsaw MS 251 Woodboss

Aside from the tree itself, the second thing you get from cutting your own Christmas tree are those authentic photographs. I often think how similar these pictures are to those black and white ones that proud pioneers took over 100 years ago. Recording these moments of triumph is key!

How to Wood Burn your Christmas Crafts

Using a wood burner to make Christmas Wood Crafts

A simple and crafty start to creating your own personal Christmas wood crafts is wood burning some coasters. For our endeavors, we just use a cheap kit we got at a local craft shop. Nothing complicated. When it comes to working with your kids, let them go to town with whatever symbol or design they think best represents their idea of Christmas. Just be sure to be by their side for safe supervision.

Elich Day wood burning Christmas Wood Crafts

You might just want to keep things simple here. Coasters don't offer a ton of surface area, so remember that less is more when it comes to design. Don't overthink it, as you can always create a whole set. You can also practice on a small block before you get to the wood cookies.

How to Paint Your Christmas Crafts

Painting Christmas Wood Crafts

For the littler kiddos, paint is always a safe and easy bet. There is a lot more “creative freedom” in paint as they can maximize their design with greater surface area and… well… there's color. That's always great for creative expression.

Christmas wood craft ornaments you can make with STIIHL

With a quick drill hole, the painted wood cookies make for fantastic tree ornaments. With larger discs, you can even create a wood sign or even a Christmas card holder for all that holiday mail. Either way, you are making the most of what you cut down and ensuring less waste this holiday.

Christmas Wood Crafts for the Family to make

Making your own Christmas tree craft is a great way to show off your family's creativity for grandma and grandpa and especially Santa, when he comes to visit. These crafts also make great gifts to send the family. Nothing says “I love you” like a custom painted ornament or wood burned drink coaster.

Do you live in a part of the country that has the possibility of harvesting your own Christmas tree? If so, do you like the idea of making your own Christmas wood crafts with the remaining tree trunk scrap wood?


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