Awesome Date Night Ideas For Busy Couples

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Are you searching for great date night ideas that you can implement even if you are busy? You'll definitely love some of these.

Nate and Chelsea in 2006

Nate and I have always tried to be intentional with our dating life. Obviously, this was simpler back in college. Nowadays, it's not the easiest thing to squeeze in a date night with four kids who are also currently being homeschooled and traveling with us full time.

Thankfully, things are finally beginning to calm down as we have moved out of our house in San Diego and are getting (mostly) settled in Idaho.

We like to be really deliberate in spending time alone with each other whenever we can, which is why I am putting together this post on great date night ideas that we'll try over the next few months. Some are our long-time favorite ways to pass the time, and some are brand new to us.

If you're in a similar season in your life, we'd love for you to try some of these and let us know how it goes! And if you have kids like us, most of these would be really great because you can do a lot of them indoors – after the kiddos go to sleep – and they don't require too much effort.

Always remember that the major goal for a date night is to get you and your spouse to spend time alone while focusing completely on each other without distractions. It's never about how fancy or expensive it is.

Take A Personality Test

This is a great way to spend some time alone focusing on each other. More than anything, it helps you get to know your spouse more! Especially if you have gotten to that place in your marriage where it feels like you stopped growing together.

My friend Kelly (who together with her husband is one of our go-to double date couples because they're really good at coming up with romantic ideas) introduced me to Enneagram tests. It's incredible how spot-on they are and how much they reveal about your inner workings. This is a great way to help couples know how to better support each other.

Write Out Your Love Story

Honestly, when was the last you did this? Can you remember? This is one of those date night ideas that reminds you of how you fell in love with your spouse. Don't we all need a constant reminder of this? Haha!

Create A Graffiti Wall

It's time to pull out all those old spray bottles and cans and find some artistic expression with your spouse!

A graffiti wall can help you and your spouse relieve stress. Just make sure it's on a wall that can easily be cleaned, unless you don't mind leaving it up. I like to pull out a dedicated large canvas for projects like this, and prop it up against a large cloth drop cloth.

Awesome date night ideas for busy couples

More fun date night ideas to try:

  • Try a couple's massage date night (this is one of our go-to date night ideas when we've had a stressful week!)
  • Cuddle up and watch a movie or concert on YouTube
  • Bake your favorite cookie recipes
  • Watch old picture albums
  • Play the couple's Truth or Dare card game
  • Arrange a mini wine tasting (or whiskey, or tequila, whatever)
  • Watch and dance along with an instructional dance video on YouTube
  • Read old letters, emails or text messages you had previously sent to each other
  • Create a bucket list
  • Plan your next vacation (or staycation!) together
  • Play a crossword puzzle game

We also have a list of cheap date night ideas to try when you want to do something really nice but not expensive.

I would love to know which of these date night ideas are your favorite!


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