Baby Sink Bath Time

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Studies show that dads are the primary bathers in 54% of households. Can you believe they're managing all that baby sink bath time?

Baby sink bath time

That seems accurate to me, when I think about my own social circle and the general cadence of our lives.

Baby sink bath time

Men are still the predominant workers outside the home. Moms typically do a lot of the childcare/pickups, dinner and much of the cleaning. By the time the bedtime routine rolls around, moms NEED a minute to themselves. Dads, on the other hand, are craving time with the kids after being away.


That's how it works in our home. Nate walks through the door and is immediately met by children bounding into his arms. “Take him for just a second, please,” I hand over the baby. “I need to return this one phone call and take some Advil and make some tea…”

Baby sink bath time

We both know it's gonna be more than a second. When Nate takes over, it's baby sink bath time.

Baby Sink Baths are the Best!

Baby sink bath time

One of the many things I love about my husband is that he doesn't go with the flow. He questions normal procedures and does things his own way. Baby sink baths are yet another example of him making the situation work for him. Bending over a tub is painful for a big guy like him. Showering with baby is a whole slippery, weird experience. The solution? We clean up the kitchen for a baby sink bath so the little guy gets clean AND we're left with a shiny spot to put our dishes later. Win, win.

Baby sink bath time

Minion is sitting up with support now, which makes him the perfect age for a baby sink bath. He gets some extra bonding time with dad and has a blast trying to stretch out and grab at the washcloths. For younger babies, there are a couple of sink tub inserts that keep them supported (PUJ makes an excellent one).

Baby sink bath time

This was the scene at our house on Father's Day. A truly amazing father in action.

Baby sink bath time

He lathers up the little guy with bubble bath to combine clean time with fun time. Minion has a blast smacking at the bubbles and giggling his head off.

Baby sink bath time

Dads have a way of making everything a little more fun, don't they?

Did your Father's Day this year involve a baby sink bath?


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