5 Backpacking Toiletries for the Stylish Camper

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My life is a weird convergence of glitz and grit. I go from baby diapers to The Grammys in the blink of an eye, so it probably comes as a surprise to nobody at all when I bust out makeup while camping. We're currently planning a big hiking trip through the Grand Canyon for this summer, and I didn't bat an eye when friends asked what beauty essentials I plan to bring along. “They're called ‘backpacking toiletries,'” I explained, “and don't worry, I've got it covered!”

Wondering what beauty products you should take along camping?

My Major Backpacking Toiletries are:

  • Makeup stick – Often called a “chubby” (go ahead, you can giggle over the name) or an “all-in-one,” my aesthetician calls this a “magic stick.”
  • Travel razorVenus Snap.
  • Makeup wipes – Or baby wipes.
  • Dry shampoo – Klorane's my fave.
  • Mini brush – Sold at any drugstore, but I really love these ones on Amazon.

Obviously, I also take the regular camp essentials like bug spray and a toothbrush (a super-snazzy mini hiking one that has a storage compartment for toothpaste or dry toothpowder – I gotta save all the space I can get when I'm eeking in things like a razor and shampoo!). Friends question why I bother with the razor as one of my backpacking toiletries and the fact is, after a couple of days on the trail life can get a little…hairy.


I sneak in as much “alone time” with this stud as possible between baby naps and bug-dodging, and I'd rather not be all sasquatch-y, even if I AM squatting in the bushes (sorry for the visual). I also take serious issue with the slightest sign of prickliness on my armpits. Ingrown hair and whatnot. No fun. Let's nip that in the bud.

I use the most adorable, tiny little razor ever in my backpacking toiletries. It has a water-activated moisture ribbon, so I don't have to pack shave gel. Score!


Then I can roll right out of our shiny truck…


…get to the next big event….


…and be back out on the trail in no time.

What backpacking toiletries do you take on your expeditions?


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