39 Kick-Ass Bathroom Decor Ideas

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On our endless list of household renovationsalong with finally finishing the outside paint job and adding a pool deck – is a master bathroom. Our house doesn't actually have a bathroom connected to the master bedroom at all, meaning that Nate and I have to tromp through the living room and on over to the guest bath anytime we want to shower or pee.

As you can imagine, I've compiled a lengthy list of bathroom decor ideas for the day I finally get my dream bathroom. I'm just waiting for the funds to bust out an external retaining wall to make space, and plumb the area, and deal with the nightmare electrical situation.

Someday, you will be seeing complete before-and-after photos of that.

39 awesomely amazing, kick-ass bathroom decor ideas

In the meantime, here are my favorite bathroom decor ideas that I've compiled over the last couple years. All thirty-nine of them.

Bathroom decor ideas: purple paint and chandelier

Chandeliers. And royal purple paint. Why shouldn't bathrooms be lush and fancy?

High-gloss flooring. Instead of linoleum or tile, put down wood and finish the floor with a polished polyurethane.

Grand entrance. Use an oversized barn door on sliders or french doors for the entryway to your bathroom.

Bathroom decor ideas: bathroom or shower? Both

Whirlpool tub? Walk-in shower? Both. Go ahead, be indecisive. This – one of the more innovative bathroom decor ideas I've seen – offers a look at a segmented room that squeezes in the best of both worlds.

Stone and brick. Usually reserved for fireplaces and home exteriors, these bathroom decor ideas can add an air of sophistication.

Hanging lamps. Instead of traditional sconces.

Bathroom decor ideas: floating toilets

Floating toilets. Keep the floor clear for easy cleaning.

Floating sinks. Make it ALL float!

Framed art. Lots and lots of it (just be aware that you'll have to Windex the frames often).

Bathroom decor ideas: rustic nautical

Rustic nautical. Line the walls with old planks for a shabby look that's perfect for a kid or guest room.

Lean a small ladder against the wall to hang towels, instead of a traditional towel rack.

Place knick-knacks on a serving table. Typically used in kitchens, a serving cart or tea table with wheels can offer up a little extra space for makeup, candles, shampoo, etc.

Bathroom decor ideas: ceiling mirror

Mirrors on the ceiling. Ooh la la. Definitely one of the sexier bathroom decor ideas I've heard.

Wallpaper. But only on a single accent wall or the ceiling.

Natural textures. Incorporate bamboo shades and add a teak platform top on a plunge tub for an outdoorsy feel.

Bathroom decor ideas: bathtub canopy

Bed canopy around a bathtub. Instead of the usual curtain.

Potted plants. They'll help freshen the air. There are quite a few fern options that don't need a ton of light, as well as plants that don't require frequent watering and some that don't even need dirt for their roots.

Bathroom decor ideas: bold red

Red. For the brightest and boldest in bathroom decor ideas.

Polished concrete flooring. Super-simple to clean, though you may want to throw down a rug or two so you have somewhere cozy to land after a shower.

Blue and white vintage tile. Just like your grandma's china. This look is often reserved for kitchens, but can add an upscale feel around a bathtub.

Bathroom decor ideas: lime green tile

Lime green. One of the more unusual bathroom decor ideas, this color doesn't get a lot of use around the old commode.

Put the bathtub in the center of the room with a high, jutting faucet. Offer a focal point in larger bathrooms, and make bathing kids a whole lot easier.

Bathroom decor ideas: caged towels

Birdcage full of towels. Because it's way cleaner than keeping an actual bird in there.

Frosted windows into the next room. Placed up high and soundproofed for privacy, these can make a cramped bathroom feel a little more spacious.

Tone-on-tone. Paint the walls a light blue and incorporate a ton of deep, royal blue towels to add some depth.

Bathroom decor ideas: curtains

Curtains. Curtains can add intrigue to a blank space.

Painted tub. Add a bright color to the base of your bathtub with a refinishing kit. This has been among the most popular bathroom decor ideas I've seen on Pinterest lately.

Skylights. Let the sunshine in.

Bathroom decor ideas: vintage-style vanity

Old-school vanity. Get one with drawers to make use of one of those bathroom decor ideas that adds functionality and storage.

Built-in shelving. So you don't have to fuss with medicine cabinets or closets.

Bathroom decor ideas: lots of windows

Lots and lots of windows. Who needs privacy, anyway? Admittedly, some bathroom decor ideas put fashion above function.

Farm table. Instead of a traditional bathroom vanity, use a farm table with tabletop sinks. Take advantage of the storage space underneath for towels and robes.

Pallet shelving and old wooden crates for storage. So effortlessly chic.

Bathroom decor ideas: vaulted toilet bowl

Vaulted toilet bowl. Currently a designer trend in bathroom decor ideas, this is actually how people used to leverage gravity for better water flow.

Sentimental accessories. Create a little shelf of shells or rocks collected on vacation, or use vintage china for toothbrush storage.

Apothecary. Another alternative to vanities or shelving, antique apothecaries offer tons of slim-profile storage.

Patterned Shower Doors

Decorative shower doors. I'm thinking about swapping out our hard-to-clean bathroom curtain with a shower door and frame hardware, so we've started working with Delta Shower doors to share bathroom decor ideas with our readers. They have a ton of cool design features that can spice up an otherwise boring bathroom. Their three-step shower door tool online makes the process really simple. People can go through this easy selection process in person at The Home Depot as well.

Bathroom decor ideas: waterfall showerhead

Waterfall showerhead. Just close your eyes and imagine you're in Hawaii.

What are your favorite picks for bathroom decor?


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