I've been traveling a lot lately, and one of the things I always look forward to in the nicer hotels is their indulgent bathroom decor. I've stayed at a couple artsy, modern places lately with cool ceramic sculptures and funky-shaped mirrors. Then of course, there are plush robes and toiletries that somehow always seem better than the ones you have at home. I've made a couple updates recently to bring this more upscale, indulgent atmosphere into my own home.


A bubble bath just isn't complete without the proper mood lighting. I like to get scented candles to make my bathroom smell like the beach or fresh laundry. You could get really crazy with those cookie or cupcake candles. Because really, who DOESN'T want some pastries with their tub soak?


Body Scrub

There's nothing like a good exfoliating scrub to help skin feel soft and new again. NIVEA sent us their new Touch of Renewal body scrub to try out and it is AMAZING. My skin is so smooth now, with a lot less clogged pores. This is officially my new body scrub, incorporated into my routine with my moisturizing NIVEA Touch of Smoothness body wash.


Bath Robe

It's kind of a bummer to step out of a nice shower or bath into a cold room. I like to wrap up in a plush bath robe while I do my hair and makeup.

ceramic tile mirror


With our gray bathroom, I am loving ceramic and mirrored accents for a crisp look that are unaffected by shower condensation and super-easy to clean. This Howard Elliot mirror from Bed Bath & Beyond is the perfect addition.


All the coolest bathrooms have some kind of rad technology, from a self-flushing toilet to an automatic soap dispenser. I decided to eliminate an unpleasant task by buying a water flosser. Flossing is one of those tedious things that few people forward to, and it certainly doesn't invoke the indulgent atmosphere I'm going for. My water flosser takes the yick out of the experience, and now I actually enjoy flossing on a regular basis.