I'm heading out to Iowa this week to take my dad to his 50th high school reunion, and Nate's staying behind to keep an eye on the boys. He actually informed me at the last minute that he's invited some friends over for a cookout while I'm gone. Ever the obsessive host, I decided to put together a BBQ shopping list to make sure everyone is decently-fed when I'm away.

Everything you need for a BBQ

Not that anyone is questioning Nate's lack of ability to feed people properly. Look at those chubby baby cheeks!

Everything you need for a BBQ

Now, Nate and I have hosted quite a number of shindigs. This is nothing new. But Nate's idea of shopping for a party and my idea of shopping for a party are a bit different. Nate pretty much fills the entire cart up with sausages and calls it a day. I argue that man cannot exist on sausage alone.

It's a long-standing debate in our house whether or not man can, in fact, live solely on sausages. Nate has volunteered himself as the test subject.

Everything you need for a BBQ

We're working with Food 4 Less, one of my favorite grocery stores that offers warehouse-style shopping and low prices. They're having a BBQ sale now through Saturday so it was perfect timing for me to be a slightly-controlling totally helpful wife and show Nate how a BBQ shopping list is done.

Everything you need for a BBQ

First things first: snacks. Chips are a classic favorite. I like to get the indulgent stuff that I know my health-focused pals aren't necessarily stocking their cabinet with on a daily basis. For party time, a special treat is in order! Chips and salsa are so common for California residents, I mix it up with Cheetos and Fritos.


Add a fresh option with black seedless grapes and some berries and clementines. Soda is another “special occasion” must-have for parties. Grab regular and diet to keep everyone happy.


I know what you're all thinking. Meat. MEAT!!! I'm getting there.

Everything you need for a BBQ

Flapmeat is one of my favorite types of beef to buy in bulk because it's not too expensive and it grills up delicious every single time. See those “steak for marinating” signs on the package? That indicates that it lends well to brining and barbecuing. Hit it with a little tenderizer or let it soak for awhile in any sort of sauce you have. We use Mama Sitas, soy sauce, orange juice, tea, vinegar, coffee, or even Pepsi with a little Worcestershire sauce. Throw some flapmeat in your cart and you are BOUND to find a way to season it.

Everything you need for a BBQ

Ready to make a dent in your own BBQ shopping list? Food 4 Less and Foods Co locations throughout California, Illinois and Indiana are having a sale on every single item you see above! West coast shoppers can nab fresh flapmeat and clementines at a discount, while Illinois and Indiana can look forward to discounts on chicken legs, black seedless grapes and red raspberries. 24-packs of Pepsi and Diet Pepsi will be on sale for just $4.99 across regions, along with discounts on Cheetos and Fritos.

If you're looking for some extra incentive (or just a cool way to entertain the kids while shopping), go download the digitalfood app for Food 4 Less. It lets you play games, enter sweepstakes, find special values and earn digital rewards. My big boys like to do the Scratch and Win stuff and hunt down scannable digitalfood tags in the circular and store shelf tags. I like checking out deals and getting recipe inspiration.

A shopping list of everything you need for a BBQ-1

Don't forget to pin this BBQ shopping list for your next party. And hurry in to Food 4 Less or Foods Co if you have one local to you – the sale ends Saturday!