9 Bengal Cat Care Essentials for a Feisty Feline

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Nate and I have an outdoorsy home with a bit of a wild side.

Outdoorsy farm home with a German Shepherd

In case the big dog, the axe on the front stoop, and the chainsaw carving of my face didn't make our lifestyle glaringly obvious…we also went ahead and adopted Moby. I have a couple friends with Bengal cats, so I knew pretty well what we were getting into. Close relatives to the Asian Leopard Cat, Bengals are known for being spazzy little creatures who are incredibly active and extremely smart.

Bengal cat up-close

Therein lies the challenge. Bengals are more recently-wild than many other breeds of domestic cat, and it's apparent in their unceasing antics. They're always up to something and they're constantly trying to get outside. Bengals unfortunately don't do well as strictly-outdoor cats because of their tendency to roam, but we've done everything we possibly can to provide our feisty cat with an environment that caters to her untamed nature.

Bengal Cat Care Essentials

9 cat care essentials for a feisty bengal

To me, the key to bengal cat care is realizing that they are not your typical domestic cat, and understanding that they need things beyond what other cats may need.

They require the outdoor experience, even if they're spending a lot of their time within four walls. Here's how to provide it.

Bengal cat toys


Bengals LOVE toys. The funny thing is, they don't love all the same toys all the time! They're finicky. They'll change their minds about what they want to play with from day-to-day, so you can't rely on yesterday's tricks to keep them happy. We got a huge variety pack of toys to keep things varied and keep Moby entertained.

Bengal cat in a puzzle rug


I had never heard of a cat puzzle until we got Moby, but apparently it's a BIG thing in bengal cat care. There are all sorts of box puzzles, rug puzzles and intricate maze layouts to stimulate their brain. If a toy gets boring, you can put it in a puzzle and suddenly it's a whole new challenge! Moby loves weaving in and out of her puzzle rug as I re-shape it and move toys into different nooks and crannies.

Bengal Cat Care Essentials

Good food.

You can't just put out any old food out and expect it to satisfy the wild tastes of a bengal cat. We give ours Untamed grain free formula, which is available exclusively at Tractor Supply Co and TractorSupply.com. Both our dogs and cats have been eating the new food from the Untamed brand, and they've been healthy and super-happy with the high-quality formulas (no corn, wheat or soy) that have meat as their #1 ingredient. Our old doberman, Bjorne, even seems to have more energy! All of our animals have great skin, coats and happy tummies thanks to the Omega fatty acids, novel proteins, species-specific probiotics and antioxidants in their food. After dealing with a slew of digestive issues with our cats in the past, we've learned that being picky about their diet pays off.

Bengal cat laying on a bed

A sunny spot to rest.

Just like any cat, bengals love to lay in the sun. If you don't offer up a good cushion or bright window, they'll yank the sheets off your guest bed and claim that space for themselves!

Bengal Cat on a leash

Controlled access to the outdoors.

Just because bengal cats tend to sprint away and explore doesn't mean they can't go outside. It simply needs to be in a controlled environment. A lot of owners create intricate fenced-in spaces called catios or kittywalks. We trained Moby to walk on a leash from a young age, and now she strides right alongside us! We can even keep her on a long lead while we're camping so she can experience all the wild vistas as the rest of the family, and she LOVES taking car rides to the park.

Catnip for bengal cats


Since bengals are stubborn creatures, there are occasions when you'll want to bribe them to do something or coax them into calming down if they're acting extra-nutty. Catnip to the rescue!


Cat watering fountain and auto-feed bowl

Running water.

Bengals LOVE water. Many of them prefer drinking out of a running tap out of a bowl. It became an issue with Moby always hopping up every time we tried to do dishes or wash our hands, so we got her a continuously-circulating fountain that filters her water and keeps it moving for her.

Covered litter box for a cat

A covered cat box.

Bengals like privacy. We had a standard box for awhile, but Moby kept pooping and peeing in corners around the house. We got her a covered unit and – voila – problem solved.

Untamed pet food

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Do you have any tips for bengal cat care?


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