The Best Christmas Cards, in 5 Steps

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Looking to send out the best Christmas cards this year? We've got you covered.

5 tips for the best Christmas cards, including coordinating pens and holiday stamps

I come from a family that is crazy about Christmas. Obsessed. My grandma used to make her home up in full Martha Stewart-style. In the natural style of mother-daughter holiday happenings, that attention to detail was passed down to my mom and eventually to me. I've modernized a lot of our old traditions, but Christmas cards are still a very important pastime around here.

We're working with Hallmark Gold Crown to share our tips for the best Christmas cards. Catch them all in our video and round-up below.

1. Family photo. All the best Christmas cards include a family photo. I personally prefer to see everyone in the pic, not just the kids. No offense, guys, your kids are adorable. But they're not the ones I went to college with. I want to see my old friends as the years go by!

2. Vellum insert. Keeps that photo looking crisp and clean upon arrival.

3. Matching pen. Silver and gold metallics are a whole lot more magical than a black ballpoint.

4. Envelope seal. Less licking. More sticking.

5. Holiday stamp. Don't be sending off those Christmas cards with a Liberty Bell forever stamp. Holiday stamps are the finishing touch!

What are your tips for easy, awesome Christmas cards?


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