A Better Way to Buy or Sell a House

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As work-from home contractors, Nate and I live in this weird world where our business and our home lives constantly collide. Even more so lately, now that we're spending a considerable amount of time working on and talking about our home renovations.

A better way to buy or sell a house

Can I share a secret with you, though? I kind of love this dynamic. It's crazy to find myself wobbling on a bench with a paint brush in-hand while simultaneously wrangling four little boys, but deep down I've always felt like my future is in buying and selling homes. Renovating, renting, flipping. My family has a strong background in property management, and I'm drawn to the creative freedom and sense of accomplishment. I also feel like our children are learning incredible lessons about resilience and hard work from this experience.

But when I think about actually taking the leap into home investments, I get held up by one thing.

The actual buying and selling process terrifies me.

A better way to buy or sell a house

Our first home-buying experience was a nightmare. Pretty much everything that could have gone wrong…did. California is a challenging market all-around and I'm a little gun-shy at this point. The thought of being on the seller side, dealing with the MLS and a lengthy wait time sounds SO not fun. I've told Nate that I could get on-board, maybe, if there was something like an Uber for home-buying and selling.

A better way to buy or sell a house

Turns out, there kind of is.

A better way to buy or sell a home (this tool is like Uber for home-buying and selling, with less commission and faster closing AND full-support agents with same-day home showings)

I was up in Los Angeles a few months ago, giving a talk on a panel about how social media and online influencers have changed traditional marketing. Afterwards, I got to chatting with one of the attendees and she asked if I'd consider writing a sponsored post for her employer – a website based out of California called REX. REX (short for Real Estate Exchange) is an online service that uses data-driven marketing to reach buyers directly on places like Zillow and Google instead of going through a multiple listing service. They have full-service agents, a history of faster selling time when comparing similar homes in the area, and a streamlined system that lets sellers view incoming offers online.

Sounds sort of up my alley, right?

Best of all, they cover the buying and selling side for a total of only 2% commission – compared to 5-6% that traditional agents typically take.

A better way to buy or sell a house

That means I could potentially get in on the home investment game with less time spent away from my kids and more money to invest in my family's future.

A better way to buy or sell a house

Which is kind of what it's all about.

So…all that to say we're seriously considering taking the leap into home investments. I wish this option had existed for us when we were first-time homebuyers, but it can help us in the future and maybe it can do our readers some good.

What do you think is the best way for a young family to capitalize on real estate?


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