Big Brother Announcement

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The boys have something they'd like to say. We're calling it a big brother announcement.

I'll give you a minute to lean in and squint and read the shirts.

Yup, that means exactly what you think it means. We're expecting baby number four!

We JUST found out, so we're announcing early this time around. I've never been great at hiding pregnancy, anyway. I start showing pretty much the instant I so much as LOOK at a pee stick (hand to God, my jeans are tight already and I appear to have overindulged in tacos and beer). Plus, I'm a terrible liar and people have started asking why I'm acting “weird.” As far as my health this time around, everything is looking pretty good. No severe nausea like with the first three, just a whooooooole lot of exhaustion. And the irritable uterus cramping has started early, but that's to be expected (I think?). We see the doctor in a few weeks.

As for the boys…they were a little perplexed the first couple times we tried to explain it to them, but they seem to grasp the concept now and are pretty excited. I think they'll start to get it a bit more once they can feel kicking and see the baby gear coming back out.

To be totally honest, I've slept about 36 hours over the last two days and refused to get out of my adult Christmas onesie for anything other than a bubble bath and a single meal outside the house.

Thank God I have a lot of helpful friends and family, and a whole team keeping things going business-wise.

Big Brother Announcement Templates

Big brother announcement (little kid shirts to announce mom's pregnancy)

And because I realize not everyone has three boys in a row, we made big sister pregnancy announcements! If you have a combination of girls and boys…again…just print two.

Big brother announcement (little kid shirts to announce mom's pregnancy)

Everybody's been asking, so I'll go ahead and say right now that we don't care if we have a boy or a girl. We are equally excited for either, and will let you know as soon as we find out!

Big brother announcement (free templates for little kid shirts to serve as a pregnancy announcement - there's a "big sister" version too)

Nate announced on his Facebook page in his own special way. “Something's wrong with Chelsea's thermometer!” A little less crafty than me, but pretty creative and funny nonetheless.

Big brother announcement (little kid shirts to announce mom's pregnancy)

Know anyone who's trying for baby number two, three, four or beyond? Share this template with them! A big brother announcement is such an easy pregnancy reveal…especially for a mom who may be feeling a little rundown and/or nauseous.

I'll see you all on the other side of my next nap.


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