Our Second Annual Christmas Pajama Unboxing

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That's right, you guys, tis the season for PJs with polar bears and plaid! We've been doing a Christmas pajama unboxing with our family every year, and last year we showed off the holiday tradition on the blog for the first time. This time around we're doing a fun video showcasing some of our favorite cuddly picks for the season. So let's break it on down, shall we?

The little boys went for snuggly, sweet looks with the baby wearing a little Santa two-piece and the toddler opting for a polar bear.

Christmas pajamas with a polar bear

The big boys went for a more mature look, with the 5-year-old nabbing this “Santa's Little Helper” outfit and the older one picking a plaid look that matches his dad's usual style.

Christmas Pajama Santa’s Little Helper

Nate and I got coordinating sets so we could all come together for some cheesy fireside moments like this. We actually brought home some of those old-style tin popcorn pop-up pans from a White Elephant gift exchange we did last week, and I'm having visions of us all gathering around here and popping them together.

Christmas family pajama set

It's gonna be epic memory-making.

Here are affiliate links if you're looking to nab the pajamas we're all wearing here:

Christmas pajama set for boys

In case you're wondering why we're doing more video lately, THIS is why. It's a lot easier to go with the flow and catch all the action as opposed to trying to get them to sit still all the time.

Christmas games for the whole family

While I was shopping, I also took the chance to stock up on my cuddly fixes for a night in with the family. I got a soft, snuggly blanket and a new game for game night. I'm still trying to convince Nate that Mancala is an awesome bonding activity but so far, he's not buying it. Oh well. My little sister will be in town for Christmas and she's a BIG time old fashioned game-player like me! Nate can just occupy himself with some Nintendo.

Don't forget to click the video at the top of the page to see our detailed commentary, and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you want to see more fun stuff like this.

Does your family get new pajamas for the holidays? Do you have your own quirky traditions?


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