A Cleaning List with ALL the Forgotten Crannies

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Setting the stage for the holidays? We always know to sweep the floors, clean the windows, and wipe down the counters – but there's a whole host of stuff to think about beyond that. Guests see the whole picture when they visit! Here's a cleaning list that will make sure you get all the most important little crevices in ship-shape for the holidays.

Forgotten places to clean

A Ready-for-Company Cleaning List

We're working with Clorox today to share a cleaning list that can help whip your space into action faster than you can say, “Season's cleanings!” Step one is to walk around your house and really take stock of the space. Try looking at it with fresh eyes. Pretend that it's a stranger's home. What spaces are questionable? What areas would you NOT want to brush up against if it wasn't your family's germs? That's where your focus needs to be today.

Cleaning supplies

Load up on the Supplies

Clorox Bleach products are our go-to for cleaning day because they can be used in a huge variety of ways, from disinfecting the bathroom to brightening white linens we use all around the house. Clorox® Regular-Bleach with CLOROMAX kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, which is a big deal in our home which has four little boys bringing ALL the cooties in and out on a daily basis. Bleach forms a protective shield on hard surfaces to repels stains so cleaning is quicker and easier.

My cleaning cabinet currently consists of a few simple things. Clorox Bleach, Bleach Pen, Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Clinging Bleach Gel, some dust wipes and a microfiber cloth. These aren't all used in my household exactly as you'd think. You need things like bleach gel that clings in more spaces than just the toilet. If any of it seems overwhelming, there are directions on the back of each bottle explaining how to use it. I always like to wear gloves when I’m cleaning, and take care not to mix bleach with other chemicals.

Gross dirty trash can

Trash Cans

Exhibit A. We squirt that clinging bleach gel around the lid to get into all the gross crevices that often go forgotten.

Toilet cleaning

The Toilet

To be fair, it does still get plenty of use around the actual toilet. Don't forget to scrub up under the seat and all around the basin, where hair and grime tends to gather. Guests will need to potty, and odds are they'll be lifting the lid to do so. Make sure they don't encounter a horrifying sight!

Forgotten places to clean baseboards


The forgotten stepchild of household cleaning tends to get neglected in favor of the cobwebs up in the crown moulding. But this is where alllll the scuffs and smudges gather. Stoop down to floor level and wipe this first, then remove those stains in a flash with a water-and-bleach solution.

Clean the couch

Couch Cushions

Have the kiddos and the husband scoot for a bit, and vacuum in between the pillows and seat crevices. Make sure to get into every couch in the house – including play rooms and guest areas, since they tend to get extra use when more traditional family areas fill up.

Dirty furniture crevices

Furniture Crevices

You pass by these spaces everyday and never notice the dirt, fingerprints, and general gross layer of gnarly accumulation that gathers here. Go on and take that give this area a thorough rubdown to sanitize and freshen it up. I usually just use the microfiber cloth, water, and elbow grease here.

Dirty window treatment pulls

Window Details

We know to get the window glass, but what about window pulls, sills, and grooves where the window slides? Bleach solution to the rescue once again!

Forgotten places to clean tile grout

Tile Grout

Back in the bathroom, your tile grout is probably looking pretty dingy. The space where I usually brush my teeth and set my eyeliner while I apply my makeup tends to get pretty gross. That clinging bleach gel is my go-to for spaces like this, when I need application to stick in one particular area and soak in for a bit.

Dirty shower curtains

Shower Curtains and Linens

While you're in the bathroom, don't skip the linens! We've bought all white towels and shower curtains, specifically so that we can bleach the heck out of them on occasion and make them look as good as new. I treat any stain spots with our bleach pen, and then wash the whole thing with bleach on an extra-hot cycle. I love that this has a fine point for precision cleaning jobs and a scrub brush for larger ones.

How are you preparing for holiday guests? Do you have a cleaning list?


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