Cricut Hat Template for Party Time!

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This Cricut hat template makes for the cutest hats! They're slightly miniaturized, making them perfect for a tea party or an impromptu little kid shindig.

Kids with party hats

With everything going on in the world right now, I figured we could all use a little extra party time. We've already celebrated one kiddo's birthday with a remote / drive-by party! These hats are also perfect for someone who wants to infuse a little fun into the everyday. Who's up for a fancy tea party with fancy mini hats!?

Nab the template for our Cricut hat over on Design Space!

Make a Cricut Hat on any Machine

Cricut Joy long mat

I made them a bit petite because I wanted them to be compatible with Cricut Joy so that any machine owner could print them out in moments.

Cricut hat party template

As I often do, I laid out my vinyl and cardstock on one mat so I didn't have to keep reloading the machine. The cardstock setting easily cuts through both, in my experience.

Cricut hat template with polka dots

I made four party hats, and use a different color vinyl each time so I had red, blue, green and gold vinyl “stickers” to add onto the cardstock hats.

Party hats with polka dots

I could have just used Cricut pens to draw designs onto our Cricut hats, but the kids enjoyed helping place the dots and I thought the added dimension made them a little more whimsical.

Party hats with strings

Lacking elastic (since that was all used up in mask-making around here lately), we simply used some string to secure our hats.

Bored kid with Cricut hat

Everyone loved it. Okay, most everyone loved it. Some people can never be fully satisfied.

Party hat diy with cricut

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