How to take Sibling Photos that are Irresistibly Adorable

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I am one of those parents who thinks that her children are THE most adorable things that have ever come into existence. If you're fortunate enough to sit next to me on an airplane, I will bust out my phone and you will be forced to look at about 3000 cute sibling photos.

Irresistibly cute sibling photos #TargetCrowd

Say goodbye to that coveted time you had blocked out for cocktails and drifting off to some Shake It Off jammin through your Beats. My form of entertainment is WAY better. Sorry, not sorry.

You, lovely blog readers, can experience that awesomeness without boarding a cross-country flight. Lucky you!

How I Take Cute Sibling Photos (On a Budget!)

You don't have to blow the budget or hire a fancy photog to get the look you want for your sibling photos. Plan ahead, set aside some time, and let them do their thing.

Irresistibly cute sibling photos #TargetCrowd

Stock up on Sweet Threads

At least once per season I go shop the baby clothes section of Target, which has threads up to size 5T (6T online). This lets me fit all of my kids in wonderfully coordinated, inexpensive and oh-so-photo-worthy duds for those memorable moments.

Irresistibly cute sibling photos #TargetCrowd

Oh yes, these clothes will do nicely for next week's Easter egg hunt.

Irresistibly cute sibling photos #TargetCrowd

This man is already rarin to go, shovel and all. He obviously takes Easter egg hunts very seriously.

Irresistibly cute sibling photos #TargetCrowd

For the Best Sibling Photos, Let them Act Natural

When I'm going for cute sibling photos, I basically try my best to corral them in one area and let them act naturally. Even if those actions are a little on the goofy side. 

Irresistibly cute sibling photos #TargetCrowd

Magic Hour is, Indeed, Magic

You can't go wrong shooting cute sibling photos at “magic hour.” The sun slips past the hills just before dinner and casts a perfectly golden glow over those squirmy subjects.

Irresistibly cute sibling photos #TargetCrowd

Take the Chance to Dress Up

Lord knows my boys are all about the rough-and-tumble living. Once in awhile, though, I take advantage of a church trip or an upscale event and get them decked out in button-downs and slacks. I like getting stuff that goes together but isn't TOO matchy-matchy. The boys' outfits above can all be bought online and shipped home or picked up directly at a Target store: Some Boy's Gingham Button-Down and Cuffed Chino Pants, Minion's 3-Piece, and Sidekick's Plaid Button-Down and Gray Jean Shorts. Pair these with Damarian Sneakers for a dressy look that still lets them run loose.

Irresistibly cute sibling photos #TargetCrowd

Make Some Sounds

When capturing it all, the big key is to make a bunch of strange noises and do what I call the “cute sibling photos” performance. You just need to get them looking in one direction! For us this may involve a squeaky-mom rendition of Let It Go, but I'm not giving away ALL of my secrets.


Get Some Solos

As hard as I try to get all three of the boys in on every one of our cute sibling photos, the little dude inevitably winds up with his own series of pictures. He's easy to keep in one place and I can't resist snapping a few more shots after the other boys have wandered off.

Is it just me, or does this guy seriously know how to rock a bow tie?


And before I know it, it's playtime again.

Good thing I'm speedy with the shutter and I nab those cute sibling photos before they get all dirty. Again. Oh well, at least Target kids' stuff is wash-and-wear!


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