How to (Quickly) Decorate around a Hot Tub

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Awhile back, we told you all how we installed our own hot tub. As we explained then, it was kind a sudden swap-out. We were expecting some huge endeavor, so we kept putting it off. When the time came, though, we were surprised at how simple it was! It arrived, got plugged in, and was ready for action within hours. The only thing left to think about was how to make this oh-so-luxurious hot tub fit in with our farm house vibe.

Hot tub decorating with a big storage bench

We live in Southern California where it's extremely dry, and the grass around our hot tub is dead. Very, very, very dead. There's no bouncing back from this level of lifelessness. We've thought about putting turf in, but I feel like that's just another expensive thing for the kids to destroy. We decided, long-term, that we should cut out most of this hill and pave the area. We'll install a retaining wall as far back as possible and put a deck protruding from where the upper fence currently sits. In the meantime, we're sprucing things up with simple accessories.

Hot tub decorating with plants and foliage

Our hot tub is one of the biggest one made by our sponsor Freeflow. The Monterey has 22 jets and seats 7 adults, measuring roughly 7 by 6 1/2 feet. That meant we had some leeway as far as sizing our decor, because we didn't have to worry about dwarfing the machine. We wanted to focus on a few things that seem to make a big difference in outdoor decor: storage, seating and foliage.

Hot tub decorating with big puffy bean bag chairs made for the outdoors

Seating was first on the docket. Knowing that this space is in transition, we opted for some oversized outdoor bean bags that we can easily move around. If they get dirty, they can be quickly hosed down and get right back in the action. Bean bags are also an extremely kid-friendly option, which is good for when parents want to enjoy a soak in the hot tub and kids want to have a snack nearby.

Extra large outdoor storage bench

We got the biggest outdoor storage chest we could find and plopped it down right next to the hot tub. I wanted it within reach if someone wanted to get something out while they're in the hot tub, but still easy to access for people walking up from ground level. To make it blend in and seem to go with our farm-y feel a bit more, I stacked some extra rocks up under it. That's pretty much my motto for decor lately: when in doubt, add some rock. We've been rocking walls, entryways, along the fence line and around the fire place.

Lounging in the hot tub

Finally, I sent Nate to the local nursery for some flowers. I like the pretty, colorful ones he got but I'm honestly not sure how long they'll last in this environment. We'll probably be swapping them our for more sturdy greenery in the near future, and adding in some extra brightness with more colorful pots. It is handy to have greenery near the hot tub, I've found, because I'm reminded to water it every time I step into the water!

Stepping out of our hot tub

Which actually happens pretty often. I wasn't quite sure how much use a hot tub would really get at our house since we're pretty busy, but it eases my aching muscles and gives me something to do while the boys swim in the pool. We're down here almost every single day that we're home!

Hot tub decorating

If you had a hot tub, how would you decorate around it?


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