Yummy Dino Buddies Bento Box

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It's back to school time, which means lots and lots of after school snacks. We have four little boys coming home every day looking for food and fun. This Yummy Dino Buddies bento box serves up a big bunch of both!

Brother snack time with dino buddies after school

I always try to get my kids eating a mix of fruits, vegetables, protein and carbs. If they're left to their own devices, they'll always devour the carbs and protein and leave the more colorful stuff for last. Making it into a fun bento box takes carrots from just carrots to super-fun trees! Snap peas magically taste better when they're a prickly bush, and grapes are a much sillier snack when they're boulders.

Dino buddies and coloring afterschool snack

Yummy Dino Buddies have been our go-to for after school snacks since the boys started preschool. They are totally obsessed with dinosaurs, so this makes an easy springboard for a bento box. With the nuggets already shaped like dinos, all I have to do is heat some up real quick and contemplate how to lay out my scene. Rice mountains make for some fun rolling hills for them to frolic on, and it's a good surface that nuggets and vegetables both stand up in easily.

Dino buddies and coloring with brother

I put out some crayons so the boys can practice drawing dinosaurs while eating their Yummy Dino Bites bento snack.

Dino buddies bento box

The oldest kiddo likes to give me fun facts and insider info about dinosaurs. Apparently, the Tyrannosaurus' diet consisted of Triceratops, but there's no evidence that the two ever actually fought each other. So this friendly meet-up could have actually been a reality…maybe.

Make an easy, fun dinosaur bento box

Is it weird that I try to make my kids' after school snacks educational AND nutritious? Gotta maximize our time as much as possible!

Preschooler coloring after school

The little dudes come home from preschool a little later than the older ones, and they contribute their own special brand of artistic insight to the whole situation. Minion likes eating the dinosaurs that match the Brachiosaurus on his shirt.

Preschooler eating dino buddies

Bam, well, Bam will eat Yummy Dino Buddies in pretty much whatever form it comes in.

Spread of snacks for kids

Pick up some Yummy Dino Buddies to make your own bento box for the kids this year! We like to stock up at Walmart, and there are also some fun coloring pages and quizzes for kids on the Yummy Dino Buddies Facebook page.

What's your favorite after school snack to make for your kids?


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