How to Deal with Dirty Concrete Near Plants

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Mmmm, dirty concrete. That's a compelling title, isn't it?

How to clean dirty concrete without killing nearby plants

About a year ago I was rearranging some stuff to prep for painting the house, and I tossed this welcome mat out back.

How to clean dirty concrete without killing nearby plants

There it remained, festering with water and dirt and eventually growing mildew and algae which leads to unsightly mildew and algae stains. Gross. Dirty concrete can be unforgiving, leading to stubborn blemishes and splotches. There are thousands of tiny, porous little gaps that lead way to deeply-ingrained stains in dirty concrete.

Solve your Dirty Concrete Woes

How to clean concrete without harming plants

Bleach can go a long way with just about any stain, but the big issue in our case was handling the dirty concrete without damaging nearby plants. It's not exactly well-maintained due to our extensive travels, but this side yard serves as a haven for our animals and a favorite romping area for the kids. I didn't want to kill the wild grass that grows there.

How to clean dirty concrete without killing nearby plants

Fortunately, there is a tool for every job and a job for every tool! Scotts Outdoor Cleaners reached out and asked us to try their Scotts Outdoor Cleaner plus OxiClean, which gets it all taken care of without aggravation.

If it was up to Nate, he'd dump the concentrated stuff in his pressure washer and go to town. I'm too lazy to bust all that out for a small job, so I appreciate the fact that they make a 32 ounce bottle that attaches to a standard household hose. Scotts also makes a trigger spray bottle. Either way, it's foaming action for the win! Let it sit, scrub away with a handheld brush, and rinse. This task took me all of five minutes.

How to clean dirty concrete without killing nearby plants

Best of all, this Scotts Outdoor Cleaner won't harm fabrics or wood like chlorine bleach will, making it a good option to have on-hand for a variety of outdoor tasks. You can get the job done and get on with your day.


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