Easy Kids Ornament Craft

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I try to make an easy kids ornament craft with my children every year. Keyword: try. I'll admit, sometimes I fail miserably. With kids as young as mine, it can be a challenge getting them to cooperate.

Scribble! Easy kids ornament craft

This year, though, was a HUGE success. We came up with what I think is the cutest easy kids ornament craft I've ever seen, all because I didn't try too hard to push them into some elaborate concoction. I instead let them take the lead on their own easy kids ornament craft. The lesson I'm learning the further I get into parenthood is that simplicity is key. Provide the right supplies and let your kids run with their own creativity. Nobody likes a micromanager.

An Easy Kids Ornament Craft

Scribble! Easy kids ornament craft

Supplies for your Easy Kids Ornament Craft

We worked with Elmer's for this easy kids ornament craft, and I set out some flat wooden Christmas ornaments that I picked up at the craft store along with Painters Paint Markers. Painters Paint Markers have long been a favorite supply for our whole family. I first discovered them years ago when I used them for my DIY Terrarium and DIY Spice Rack. They work much like pens but actually flow paint out smoothly, giving projects a really nice finish. Plus, they can be used on just about any surface. We've painted with them on wood, metal, glass and even rubber and cloth.

Scribble! Easy kids ornament craft

Simple Instructions

I painted the ornaments white for our easy kids ornament craft so we were starting with a nice, evenly-colored surface.

Scribble! Easy kids ornament craft

Then, I let the kids go to town scribbling and drawing all over their kids ornament craft!

Scribble! Easy kids ornament craft

The only real challenge is getting them to actually stay on the wood pieces as opposed to taking this project all over the entire house.

Scribble! Easy kids ornament craft

But I like that this easy kids ornament craft encourages them to share and talk through their activities together.

Scribble! Easy kids ornament craft

When asked what they were drawing, Sidekick exclaimed, “Toot toot tracks” and Some Boy described his as, “Everything in a circle.” He eventually started pressing down to expend as much ink as possible from the pens and then stamping his kids ornament craft all over everything in sight. I mean, woah. That's actually pretty deep for a kid. It's amazing what they do when you let their imaginations run away.

Scribble! Easy kids ornament craft

Note to self: next time we do this easy kids ornament craft, I'll have the children wear shirts that I'm not particularly attached to.

Do you have an easy kids ornament craft that you like to do with your kids?


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