Finding Confidence in the Light

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There are a great many opportunities throughout life for a person to learn valuable lessons in which to build their character. Adversity and circumstance shed light on the truth of who we are. The worst mistake someone could make is to not gain any knowledge or advancement from the trials in our lives. It is how we grow. It is how we go from darkness to light. I am an adventure and lifestyle writer and for this post I am working with one of my favorites, Surefire.

Woman searching with flashlight

Those that know me know that I come with no shortage of confidence. Let that not be confused or mistaken for arrogance. As I have mentioned before, I had the privilege of knowing John Wooden while I attended UCLA as an athlete. To say he was a humble man would be an understatement. But, in all his humility, he believed in being confident. You see, to him, confidence was clearly defined as knowing what you are capable of. To know you had put forth the effort and prepared yourself. “Confidence comes from being prepared,” he would say.

Woman looking in vehicle with flashlight

In my current line of work as a first responder, I have to pretty much always be prepared. If I wasn’t, what would be the point of calling me in the first place? That is, unless you have chocolate cream pie. In that case, call away!

flaishlight knife watch and everyday carry edc

As a husband and father of four, the pursuit of knowledge I want to pass on is ceaseless. Because they are young, I must start with the lessons that are simplest to understand for my boys. One of the simplest lessons is to be prepared. In the field, I must always have a light on hand. Whether I’m working at night, going into a dark building, or need it to look in small dark little places. It can provide confidence when uncertainty is found in the shadows.

child reading book with flashlight

Surefire is one of the most trusted lights in the first responder and military worlds. It carries with it a reputation for quality and performance. Over the years, I have learned to take what I know and can trust home to my family. That is why when Surefire came out with their Sidekick, I was happy to get one for my family so that they can always have a light available. In my world, we call it EDC…or every day carry. These are the things that you consciously keep with you so that you might be ready for an adverse situation. That way you can go with confidence…because you are prepared.

Flashlight on keychain

The quick and skinny on the Surefire Sidekick is that it’s a polymer based light with three light setting at 5, 60, and 300 lumens. This means small reading, quick searching and down right bright options that go out to 50 meters. This is also one of the first Surefire lights that is rechargeable on a lithium ion battery and a USB cable. It’s small, light, and always available on either your key chain or a small lanyard.

Hand holding flashlight

So, since this is a new product out by Surefire, they’re offering a 50% off price through yours truly. I’ve already added it to my EDC and it’s shining its way into our family adventures. If you think you might be interested in a Surefire Sidekick, go to and use our special promo code SIL50 to pick up as many Sidekicks as you want half off.

Woman with flashlight and purse

We’re just going to be over here lighting the dark with confidence…because we're prepared with Sidekick.


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