The Happy Home Stockpile

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Charmin. The opinions and text are all mine.

I know what you're thinking right now. “Woah, Chelsea, that is like a metric ton of toilet paper.” Indeed. People often ask how we juggle travel and home life with a big family. We've shared a ton of tips and tricks, but this is BY FAR the most important. The home stockpile.

Preschooler with home stockpile of toilet paper

We installed our outdoor laundry shed a few months ago to make room for a third bathroom inside and try to keep all the farm dust outside. It's been working phenomenally and has created an insane amount of storage space that helps streamline things here at home.

Home stockpile of toilet paper and toothbrushes and mouth wash

When toilet paper or trash bags are running low, every single person in this family knows exactly where they can go to get backup. No more asking mom where to find stuff!

How to create a Happy Home Stockpile

Creating a happy home stockpile (without becoming a hoarder!)

Of course, clearing space for storage is only step number one. Creating a happy home stockpile without simply filling your home with a bunch of random stuff is the BIG hurdle. Here's how we do it:

  1. A place for everything, and everything in its place. We designate specific locations for each home item. Microfiber rags have their own spot. Cotton swabs and tissues are in another. Any chemicals are WAY up top, in the back, where the kids can't reach.
  2. Baskets and dividers. To keep the whole family following along with the organization setup, I implemented a basket system to keep stuff in its spot. When the layout's this straightforward, there's no chance it'll end up in a big pile! There's also no way my boys can claim they were confused about where the soap goes.
  3. Carefully-selected brands. I'm not very picky, but Nate is a BIG brand loyalist. He still uses the same sliced cheese brand that his mom started serving when he was 3 years old! As you can see, Charmin is one of his go-to brands. They actually just launched a HUGE sale over on Amazon. You can get $3 off Charmin Ultra Strong Clean Touch with code 3MEGACHARMIN (this also applies to Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch, if you're a softy). An additional $2 off coupon can be applied at checkout for a total savings of $5!
  4. Shop smart and stock up. We have memberships to some big-box stores and do a lot of bulk buying, but the biggest savings really are seasonal. This time of year there are a TON of killer deals to be found on home goods, so we coupon up a storm and max out the “household limits” when they apply.

Massive home stockpile

After getting our stockpile all arranged, I showed it to our housekeeper. She comes once a week or so to do some deep cleaning, and I know she's had a hard time locating our supplies while renovation mode has had us in upheaval. She gasped loudly when she walked in, and the BIGGEST smile spread across her face. “Dios mio!”

Charmin toilet paper with preschooler

Dios mio, indeed. The home stockpile has also been helpful for our (never-ending) potty-training with this little dude. He likes be intricately involved in every aspect of everything in life, so we make a little trek to the home stockpile together and it encourages him to go potty on the toilet. Whatever works! It's also nice for me that one Charmin Family Mega Roll equals the sheet count or five or more regular rolls, so I don't have to constantly be doing the roll-change shuffle. Everybody wins.

Hop on over to Amazon to take advantage of $3 off Charmin Ultra Strong Clean Touch or Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch with code 3MEGACHARMIN, plus the additional $2 off coupon that can be applied at checkout.

And if you have your own home stockpile or helpful tips for running an efficient home, I'd love to hear about it! Use the tweet button below to share your feedback or scroll to the bottom of the page to shoot us an email.


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