Taco-Inspired Fish Patties with Coconut Lime Sauce

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I love San Diego. A lot. My husband was born here and come to think of it, all my kids were as well. My favorite thing about this city? Fish tacos. Hands down. So when I was looking for a local-inspired appetizer to serve at a party, it makes sense that I turned to what I know for inspiration. That's how these fish patties came to be.

Fish taco patties with coconut lime sauce

It's possible that I've dedicated a little bit too much time to testing out all the best fish tacos in San Diego. We've explored every hot spot in Ocean Beach, along with the classics like Rubio's (started here in San Diego – true story) and City Tacos, PB Fish Shop, Fat Fish, Cotija, Blue Water, Mitch's, El Zarape, Oscar's, even Brigantine. You name it, we've tried it! Here, you can get all that flavor research in a conveniently-sized app.

Fish Patties fit for a Party

Whenever I find – or manufacture – a good excuse, I like to gather everyone together and create cuisine inspired by a certain location. We usually go pot luck style, with vague regional direction given by me and a WHOLE assortment of flavors developed by our friends. This usually results in a nice variety of desserts, drinks, apps and main dishes showing up. I'm not real neurotic about any of it: we keep it casual, and somehow it all works out. We're never had anybody starve. This go-around, obviously, was dedicated to my fine hometown of San Diego. A place where surf and turf meets Little Italy, and juicy burger joints brush up to the finest French cuisine this side of Paris.

Welcome to my coastal kitchen.

Fish taco patties with coconut lime sauce

I recently found myself staring at a GIGANTIC box of Ritz crackers on my dining room table. Perfect excuse for a party! These San Diego-inspired fish patties definitely kept my crew chowing down.

Fish taco patties with coconut lime sauce

For my first San Diego-inspired recipe, I deconstructed the quintessential California fish taco into fish patties.

Fish taco patties with coconut lime sauce

These fish patties were simple to make, coming together with common household ingredients that are easy to find. They're perfect for the whole family to get involved in making – and eating – together.

Savory sausage bites with cream cheese, mozzarella, flaky cracker crumbs and lots of Italian seasonings

The kids like to help out a lot when I'm cooking. Perhaps Some Boy liked my food, but I suspect he was really just looking for an excuse to steal my crackers.

Fish taco patties with coconut lime sauce

Other people weren't quite as discreet about their foray into the kitchen to taste-test. These bites made their way off the plates and into a group of satisfied smiles just as fast as I could get them out of the oven!

What cuisine is your area known for? Have you ever created recipes highlighting local flavors? We did the same thing with our sausage bites, and they were a huge hit as well.

What flavors would be involved in YOUR fish patties?


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