Free Printable Lunch Box Notes with Pigeon!

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It's the season for back to school, and we've decided to homeschool full-time this year! We partnered with Disney Books to throw a back to school party, complete with free printable lunch box notes featuring everyone's favorite Pigeon from Mo Willems.

Free Printable Lunch Box Notes Kick off the Year

happy kid at a party with free printable

This little dude was supposed to be headed to transitional kindergarten with his preschool friends. He's old enough to understand that while we're gaining a lot from homeschooling, he's missing out on some fun stuff – including new year celebrations and parties. So why not throw our own!?

Mo Willems pigeon party

Parents throw lots of glamorous, Pinterest-worthy parties nowadays. That's great, but I think it's important to remember that parties don't have to be a stressful, over-the-top ordeal. All you really need is some decorations, a space to play, and fun company to hang out with. More often than not, our parties are held at a public park with some streamers, balloons, and pre-made favor boxes, cups, napkins and plates that we ordered off the internet.

Free printable lunch notes with Mo Willems

Printables are easy for me to make on the computer on-the-go, no matter where I am, so that's where I always add some custom flair! Our party was themed around Mo Willems' newest book, The Pigeon HAS to Go to School! Aptly-timed release, amiright?

You can nab the pre-colored version of our free printable lunch box notes by clicking this link.

The book features our familiar, beloved Pigeon worrying about the first day of school. What do they do at school all day? What if the teacher doesn't like pigeons? What if they try to teach too much and make Pigeon's HEAD POP OFF? It is absolutely adorable, and if you have a nervous school-goer, it's the perfect way to prompt a discussion about school and give them some added confidence.

Pigeon Back to School Notes - B&W

The free printable lunch box notes I made are the perfect way to keep the conversation going. They can remind your kids that you're thinking of them when they're off at school (or in our case, when they're eating lunch in the in-home classroom area while mama retreats to her office for a few minutes).

If you prefer an uncolored version of our free printable lunch box notes – so you can add some color and scribbles yourself – click here for the black and white version.

Free printable lunch box notes featuring Pigeon from Mo Willems

I often draw lunch box notes on 3×5″ note cards with permanent marker and then color them in with crayon, creating a custom note that my kids can see I had a hand in. I think this encourages them to be creative and doodle, too! For parents who want to have a little stack of papers pre-printed, free printable lunch box notes are the way to go. You can keep some markers or crayons nearby to add extra personality with little hearts or sign your name.

pigeon plates

Add in some “props” (plates, whatever) and you've got yourself a party that will get even the most unenthused learner excited about back to school!

Happy bird-day cups

Have you ever used free printable lunch box notes with your kids?


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