As the mother of three boys, I constantly have people asking me how to get pregnant with a boy.

Tips, timing and other ideas for how to get pregnant with a boy-2

The gender of our children wasn't the result of any personal scheme or design, but I HAVE learned a lot about conception and timing over the years! I've helped several friends successfully figure out how to get pregnant with a boy after back-to-back girls, and their learnings can be applied to any couple. The fact is, scientifically, male sperm is faster but generally has less stamina than female sperm.

I'll refrain from making jokes here, but it's seriously hard to stop myself.

There are several ways to take advantage of the physiological differences between male and female sperm to increase your likelihood of having a boy. If you're going for a girl, you can basically do the opposite of the below to up your odds of adding a gal to the group!

Tips for How to Get Pregnant with a Boy

Tips, timing and other ideas for how to get pregnant with a boy

Have sex as close to ovulation as possible. If you've been trying to conceive for awhile you probably already know how to chart ovulation, but you may not know that cycle timing can impact your baby's gender. Males are fast swimmers, but they die off much quicker than females so if you don't hit those important days right on-the-mark, you're more likely to wind up with a girl.

Make the sperm stick around. Missionary style is out. Opt for positions that deposit sperm deeper, closer to the egg. You can give the boys a better chance of staying there with our sponsor, The Stork OTC, a cup that helps deliver sperm closer to the cervix than natural intercourse alone. A recent clinical study found that 85% of participants had an average of 3.23 times sperm concentration at the cervix after sex with The Stork OTC than without it. If you're going for a girl, The Stork OTC can still be hugely helpful – just use it two to four days prior to ovulation.

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Be acidic. Male sperm prefer alkaline environments. Women can increase the alkalinity of their bodies by eating lots of red meat and salty foods (this is probably why I always wind up with boys) and having an orgasm (wooh!).

Keep your cool. Sperm die easily in hot environments, so make your man skip the hot tub and opt for for boxers instead of tightie-whities.

Have him drink coffee. This is an old wives' tale, but there may be some truth to it. Rumor has it that guys who drink coffee before sex are more likely to conceive boys.

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