Easier Group Fundraising for your Cause

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Between the six of us, our big family has participated in dozens of group fundraising activities. From church groups to kid activities, 5K runs and charities. You name it, we've raised money for it!

A group fundraising idea that doesn't make you sell stuff to friends

As experienced as we are, I'm not gonna lie. We've generally found the whole group fundraising thing to be a bit of a drag. It usually involves making things or selling things or harassing friends and family and strangers. Myeh. I'm not good at any of that. But BUYING THINGS? Things that I need and already use? This I can do.

Enter FlipGive for Group Fundraising

We're working with FlipGive on a sponsored campaign to try out their fundraising app. I'm personally raising money for a charity that is near and dear to my heart with this awesome resource that makes fundraising a breeze.

How group fundraising works with FlipGive: Groups can sign up on the app or online and see participating stores near them. Major brands give a percentage of sales to your cause when you make a purchase (kind of like credit card rewards, but for your cause!).

  • There are tons of brands participating like Walmart, Target, Starbucks, Old Navy and more.
  • Travel partners including Expedia or Hotels.com generally give a bigger percentage, so it's a GREAT idea to book travel for your organization (or family trips, whatever) through the FlipGive app or website.
  • You can even enroll your credit card to automatically earn a percentage of sales on eligible purchases, without having to click through the app before each purchase (US only).

Who can use FlipGive for group fundraising: Anyone! Literally anyone, working towards any goal. Need money for a church group? Want to raise money for a school, an individual, a sports team or – heck – a new bike? Have at it!

How the process works for friends: If you do choose to have friends or family enroll via the simple online form, eligible purchases that they're already making will help your group fundraising by causing a percentage from participating company shopping trips to be sent straight into the online FlipGive account you created for your cause. They're already shopping and buying household goods, so they may as well make a difference and feel good about doing it!

Looking for a group fundraising team to join?

Join the Surf Cowboys! Nate and I and our friends Lizz and Carly are teaming up to earn money for Unravel Pediatric Cancer. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and we want to honor and help the children we've known who have battled or are currently battling the big C (including my beloved friend's son Luke). Our AWESOME team name was chosen by yours truly as a little jab at a group we're competing with across the country. There's already been a ton of smack talk going back and forth – we are SO going to raise more than those Texans!

Want to start your own team? Use code 525MMJ to join and try out the group fundraising app! You can login to see current fundraising success LIVE, and you don't have to bother family or friends to buy stuff. This is a great opportunity to see if it's a good fit for YOUR group, too!


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