Holiday Sales: 2020 Edition

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Okay, so, we're doing this. I don't feel ready for holiday sales yet, buuut they're here!

Holiday sales

Planning your Holiday Sales Approach

I'll keep editing this post to round up my faves ongoing, as I see stuff that's a good fit. These will be limited to things of general interest to families, much like my constantly-updated post of gift ideas for families.

As someone who tends to consider herself a minimalist, I definitely DO NOT overbuy. I look for long-lasting items that will truly serve the needs of families. Make sure not to go TOO overboard with shopping just because there's a sale going on. Quality over quantity, people!

That said, at the very least, none of us should miss out on incentives to save money stocking up on household essentials. If we're going to buy certain items anyway, may as well plan ahead and get the very best deal! Now is a great time to make a list of upcoming birthdays, household needs, people who need holiday gifts, and any items you use a lot of. Why not nab extras while the price is low?

Before browsing below, you should definitely know that Amazon Prime rewards its members with these epic holiday sales and most are limited to people who have memberships.

If you are not yet an Amazon Prime member, sign up here for a free 30-day membership! Yes, you can totally sign up for that membership, get alllll the deals below (with Amazon's awesome 2-day shipping) and then cancel it in a month before paying anything for renewal.

Send yourself a $40 Amazon Gift Card, get $10 Free

Free 10 credit

Wooh, free money! Hop on over to this link and click the orange button to apply the code to your account. Then hop on over to this link, enter $40 for the amount and enter YOUR OWN email address (or whoever you want to send $40 to). Then checkout!

Spend $10+ in the app for the first time by 10/14, get $20 in total incentives

$10 off Amazon app purchase

Eligible Prime members who make an in-app purchase on the Amazon shopping app for the first time are eligible to get $10 off their next qualifying $20 order made on the Amazon shopping app. They are also eligible to receive an additional $10 promotional code ($10 off on $20 in-app purchase of qualifying items) for making a purchase in that app for the second time. Qualifying purchases must be completed before 11:59 p.m. (PT) October 14, 2020. Click through to select your products and after checkout, your credit will arrive with instructions via email.

Alas, I'm an avid app shopper so this is one of the holiday sales I'll be missing out on.

Holiday Sales on Kid Stuff

Holiday Sales for Family Fashion

Holiday Sales on Tech

Holiday Sales on Kitchen Gadgets

Holiday Sales on Great Gifts

Alrighty, that's all I want to focus on for holiday sales today, lest we all get COMPLETELY overwhelmed. If there is anything particular you're looking for, shoot me an email at [email protected] and I'll see what I can scope out for ya!

What do you usually stock up on during holiday sales?


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