Orange Ginger Honey Chicken Wings

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There is a Chinese saying that you first eat with your eyes, then your nose, then your mouth. In the case of these savory and sweet honey chicken wings it will be the smell of them cooking in the oven that will grab you around the taste buds and drag you into the the kitchen.

honey chicken wings

The smell of orange mixed with the sweetness of ginger, melted into honey will cause a mouth-watering curiosity to those in the vicinity, compelling them to reach for the oven door and peek inside. “Oh my, what are those?!”

orange ginger honey chicken wings

The tantalizing smell is the first tap on the door of your senses. The golden brown skin of these honey chicken wings, crispy, glistening and sticky with glaze is a visual delight.

As kids we are taught there are five basic senses; sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. I argue there is actually another sense, the 6th sense. Common sense. It is often the first to be overlooked and it goes mute, turns a blind eye or we lose it altogether when faced with a delectable goody. Sweet, savory, tart, it doesn't matter. We know we lost it when the internal negotiations begin, the bartering, the weighing of trade-offs, the reasoning or lack thereof. We debate with ourselves about how much we can eat without loosening the belt, without reaching for sweat pants and their stretchy waistband. Or worse yet, we consider taking the bottoms off altogether in our internal tug of war over the quantity we can eat. This is the sign of a winner dish. This is one of those meals.

orange ginger honey chicken wings cooking

The last batch of these honey chicken wings I made, I tripled the quantity and we still had nothing left; nuttin', nada, zip. Next time I make honey chicken wings it's going to be a quadruple batch. I purchase wings when they are on sale and stock up because I make so many at a time. I always put foil down on the cookie sheet and then lightly grease it before placing the chicken onto the foil. I learned the hard way that these tasty little jewels can stick something fierce. So – I repeat – lightly grease foil placed on cookie sheet and you are ready to go. When done, I just remove the honey chicken wings and place onto a platter, roll up the foil and toss it in the trash. Clean up is a breeze.

Sweet Glazed Honey Chicken Wings

Honey chicken wings made with fresh oranges and ginger
Yield: 24 wings

Orange Ginger Honey Chicken Wings

Orange Ginger Honey Chicken Wings

These savory and sweet honey chicken wings will grab you around the taste buds and drag you into the the kitchen.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes


  • 1 cup all­-purpose flour
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 2 tsp paprika
  • 1/2 tsp pepper
  • 24 wings
  • Sauce:
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 1/3 cup orange juice concentrate, thawed
  • 3/4 tsp ground ginger
  • Snipped cilantro or parsley optional for garnish, optional


  1. In a bowl, combine flour, salt, paprika, pepper. Coat the wings with the flour mixture and place on a foil­-lined and greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.
  2. Remove from oven and drain if chicken is sitting in quite a bit of its own juices. Combine honey, orange juice concentrate and ginger in a small pot, heat to simmer and then turn off.
  3. Brush the glaze generously over chicken wings.
  4. Reduce heat to 325 and put chicken back into oven for 30-­40 minutes or until chicken is done, basting occasionally with more sauce. Sprinkle with chopped cilantro or parsley before serving if desired.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:

1 wing

Amount Per Serving: Calories: 127Total Fat: 7gSaturated Fat: 2gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 4gCholesterol: 22mgSodium: 300mgCarbohydrates: 12gFiber: 0gSugar: 5gProtein: 5g
side dish with honey chicken wings

As a side dish I make garlic mashed potatoes or some sort of rice, steamed vegetables and a big glass of sun tea. I dare you to eat just one. It's virtually impossible! Kind of like trying to get these little beauties off an ungreased cookie sheet. Trust me.


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