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Homemade pesto sauce with garden fresh ingredients (the secret is heavy cream)

Creamy Homemade Pesto

When I think of summertime, my mind goes to family days filled with long afternoons in the pool, of wet grassy ankles after running through the sprinklers on a fresh cut lawn, the unmistakable crack heard when ice cubes are released from their tray, homemade pesto and the anticipation of savory delights puffing out smoke from the old BBQ.

homemade pesto

Food is part of every event with my family and often the most satisfying part of a day. The nature of my meal planing and food choices change with the seasons. The rising temperatures push people outside to get after chores put on hold during the colder months and working in the garden spot, trimming trees or building the new patio cover often takes precedence over meal preparation. Summertime food needs to be quick, light and tasty.

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Cheeseburger pie - perfect option for when you're craving cheeseburgers but don't have buns or are trying to cut out carbs

Cheeseburger Pie

I have a handful of favorite foods, things that make the rotation of my monthly dinner menu and cheeseburgers are most definitely towards the top … Read more