The Key to Three

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Now that we have three kids, I've had a lot of friends asking what the trick is to juggling them all. How can tri-parents get out of the house without losing their minds? Or losing a child? How to get dinner on the table in a timely fashion? How to keep the preschooler from busting open daddy's “safety-locked” drawer and trying to BURN THE HOUSE DOWN WITH A LIGHTER while you're tying the toddler's shoe?

Armadillo Flip

Uh…I'll get back to you on that last bit just as soon as I find our fire extinguisher.

Armadillo Flip

Seriously, though, I have maintained from the beginning that parenting is all about preparation. You need the right gear to free your hands up to be available for those precious moments. And sometimes, to catch a kid who has toppled from one thing or other.

Mamas & Papas sent us their aaamazing Armadillo Flip stroller and it has quickly become our go-to for life with three. It meets my number one requirement by having plenty of accessible space for my diaper bag. Or in this case, my camera bag. Priorities, people.

Armadillo Flip

The second requirement was for it to fold up compact enough to fit in the trunk of my Hyundai Elantra. Checkity check. This thing has one of the easiest folds I've seen. I can actually manage to store it with one hand. Which is pretty critical considering I'm usually wrangling the baby with the other hand and barricading the other two kids away from the street with one of my legs.

Armadillo Flip

My favorite feature is what the stroller is named for: the flip! I can push two little levers to lift the seat out and turn it all the way around. So this bad boy can go from that must-see-mommy baby phase right on through the explore-the-world preschool years. Also, the giant hood is a must-have here in sunny San Diego.

Armadillo Flip

Speaking of the baby years, the buckle can fit an infant and the seat can recline almost completely flat for a safe and comfortable nap even for the smallest of companions.

Armadillo Flip

Are you flipping for the Armadillo Flip? Mamas & Papas is currently hosting a photo contest between several bloggers to see who took the best shot of the stroller. Whoever gets the most “likes” for their pic will win a prize pack and an Armadillo Flip to give away to their readers. Go check out the photos on Facebook and choose one to give a thumbs-up (I'm partial to this one).


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