Kids Bento Box for a Cloudy Day

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The sun is blazing overhead right now, and I’m actually starting to miss cloudy days. Perhaps that’s why I channeled those thoughts into my latest kids’ bento box, creating puffy white clouds next to a bright sunshiney tangerine.

1 Kids bento box

The bento box is my go-to when packing creative kids’ lunches. Towards the end of each school year, we tend to get into a sandwich-chips-yogurt routine. Since the kids have been home with me all summer I've had the opportunity to get creative and try different bento box meals. I like to lay out kids’ bento boxes in intricate patterns that stay stable in my refrigerator until lunchtime.

2 Bento box with sweet peas and seaweed

The boys love sweet peas and seaweed, so those made for an easy foray back into the word of veggies. The peas are standing in here as the grass beneath our clouds, while the seaweed is a leafy bush on the right.

3 Kids bento box with Welch’s Fruit n Yogurt snacks

Mandarins are always a hit, of course, as are fruit snacks. I had to hunt down fruit snacks that actually have fruit in them.

4 Welch’s Fruit n Yogurt fruit snack

We’ve been buying these Welch’s Fruit ‘n Yogurt Snacks, which make the perfect bento cloud AND can easily be tossed into a lunch bag during back to school season. They are made with real fruit and there’s a real yogurt coating. Welch’s Fruit ‘n Yogurt Snacks can be found at your local grocery store.

5 Welch’s strawberry fruit n yogurt snacks in a bento box

Strawberry is the boys’ favorite flavor, although I’m partial to Blueberry for clouds. The blue center peeking out looks just like the creases of a real cloud against the blue backdrop of my bento box. I have this awesome box with a clear insert, so I can cut construction paper to sit inside and create whatever hue I want behind my kids’ bento box layout. I’m definitely going to have to come up with some clever pink or red-based setting for Valentine’s Day, and something orange for Halloween.

6 Kids bento box with salami flower

As for this little roll-up situation in the center? This is a flower made up of rolled bologna, salami and pepperoni. My kids have a thing for lunch meat. Plus, I figure they need some protein, and it made sense coming up off of my seaweed bush.

7 Elementary boy eating bento box

Do you make kids’ bento boxes for your children? What’s your favorite thing to include?


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