Kids Closet Weekly Organization

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I have three kids under 5, all of whom I help get dressed in the morning. You've seen peeks into our kids closet: it's a busy spot! The big boy dresses himself, but I can't yet leave the clothing selection up to him…unless I'm cool with a stylish swim trunk and church vest combination.

Kids Closet-2The kids closet organization falls to me, and after four years of trial-and-error I have finally come up with the most effective method of keeping their weekly wardrobes straight.

Kids Closet-3I know what you're thinking. “Chelsea, that's a tiny ladder that you've screwed to the wall. Cute, but how does this help with a kids closet?”

People, it is time to use our imaginations.

I stumbled on this cool wooden find while visiting the Amana Colonies with my dad. Knowing that I was looking for some help with kids closet organization, I quickly counted up the rungs in my head.

Seven rungs.

Seven days.

You see where I'm going with this, right?

Kids Closet Organization Hack

Kids Closet-9I slapped on a coat of paint, added some hangers and drilled a few pilot holes to affix this thing to the wall.

Kids Closet-7We're still working with BEHR, and I love the way their bright Emperor's Silk color peeks out from behind the clothes. It coordinates well with the boys' fancy mermaid painting.

Kids Closet color-1The color, T16-03, seemed a little too blue in the can but I was happy to see it dry to the perfect sea green.

How to organize an entire week's worth of clothing in a kids closetYou'd think that this many clothes would take up a ton of space, but they lie surprisingly flat. That is all three boys' outfits squeezed onto a single hanger per day.

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Kids Closet-8I'll have to keep their outfits separate as they get older, but for now it's easy for me to grab a single hanger when I enter the kids closet. They're arranged chronologically Monday through Sunday, from top to bottom. A quick glance at the weather forecast and our calendar helps me prepare the kids closet each week. For example, we're headed to the pumpkin patch on Thursday so I made a point to put out some coordinating, photogenic clothes for that day.

Weekly kids closet organization process get it all done once weekly so there's no outfit scrambling on a daily basisIf you think about the time savings, this kids closet organization idea is pretty dang impressive. I used to linger over each drawer for an average of 10 seconds, contemplating what to pair up. A top and a bottom per kid, plus undies and socks meant that we were spending almost two minutes each day rifling through clothes. That's a lot when you're trying to stave off a hungry preschooler, toddler and baby.

How do you organize your kids closet?


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