Our Kids Obstacle Course (with Slime!)

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Living on a farm in the boonies means we have to concoct our own sources of daily entertainment. All that open space (and the desire to exhaust our children into taking a nap) helps us dream up things like this kids obstacle course.

Nate once lived in a home in Oklahoma home where he literally couldn't see his neighbors, so he thinks it's ridiculous that I say our house is in the boonies. My argument? The nearest Starbucks is 20 minutes away. HELLO, BOONDOCKS.

Creating a kids obstacle course with slime

We've been working with Nickelodeon for the past year or so after meeting up with them in-person at a blog conference. It's a perfect fit since – living with three boys under 4 – I encounter slime on a daily basis. The NickMom team can totally relate. What is this green stuff and why is it in my hair!?!

We were stoked when Nickelodeon asked us to creatively share our excitement about their upcoming Kids' Choice Awards. Fellow millennials will undoubtedly remember Double Dare, Legends of the Hidden Temple, What Would You Do?, Guts and other kids obstacle course shows of the 90's.

Creating a kids obstacle course with slime

Oh yes, it's high time to revive this slimey lost art. Right in our back yard.

An Epic Kids Obstacle Course

We worked with Nickelodeon to create a #ReadySetSlime kids obstacle course

For our kids obstacle course we loaded up on pool noodles, exercise cones, old tires, flag tape for hurdles, a crazy homemade sprinkler system, buckets and power launcher squirters for a little bit of soaking power. Our Nickelodeon slime was made with a classic combination of green gelatin, flour and baby shampoo (we nabbed the recipe here).


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