Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas that WORK

Looking for kitchen organization ideas that go above and beyond the typical suggestions to stack stuff and buy more shelving? We've got you covered!

Kitchen Organization that can be Accomplished Now

No matter how much (or how little) space you have, there are some simple tactics that can help whip your kitchen organization into shape. First, take a good look at your kitchen supplies. Are they all necessary. Do you have random novelty items like shaved ice makers or ice cream machines that could be stored in the garage and pulled out when needed instead of taking up room in the kitchen? Think about the items that you use 90% of the time. Anything outside of that can be stored elsewhere. We have designated storage for seasonal cookie cutters, specialty cake pans and other items that only get used once or twice per year.

Get a Handle on the Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is the first area that tends to get totally cluttered with excess sponges and tools you don't really need. Pare that space down as much as possible. You only need one or two high-quality sponges, dish soap and gloves. We even installed a dish pump into the side of the sink so there was less clutter on top of the countertop. It has a huge basin below that we fill up occasionally with dish soap – and since the dish soap we use is skin-friendly, we don't need an extra pump for hand soap!

Use ALL the Wall Space

Put magnetic plates on the walls and add magnetic measuring cups. Hang pots and pans from a pot rack. Put pot holders and aprons up so they aren't taking up drawer space. This also makes a lot of your most-used items easy to grab, use, wash and put back so it makes the entire cooking experience faster and more enjoyable.

Make Storage Space more Visible

We keep big stew pots up above our cabinets so that we can quickly see what's clean, and we save a TON of space on shelves. We've even removed door fronts on a few oft-used cabinets in our house to make them easier to access, open up more room, and remove the mental task of figuring out where things go. Since we have many guests in an out of our home constantly, this also makes it easier for them to help out in the kitchen since they can see where the essentials are. We've even moved all of our silverware into an open storage caddy on the countertop so there's no more need for guests to wander around opening and shutting drawers. If your home is too dusty for this, consider glass doors that can make visual access to essential items easier.

Organize Inside the Cabinets, too

Use turntables and spice organization racks to make ALL of your space accessible. File dividers can help keep snacks upright and organized in the pantry. Curtain rings can hang bagged items up to save on surface space. And while you're at it, put down paper towels or drawer liner to preemptively protect your space from spills.

Don't Dump Knick Knacks Here

Is your kitchen counter the catchall for ALL the things? Make sure you have a designated basket near the entryway to gather mail, keys, paperwork and other household essentials. This will save you from constantly feeling like your kitchen is a sporadic mess.

Designate an Area for Cleaning Supplies

Our family food safety bucket is a BIG hit with guests, and it helps us keep our household running smoothly. All of the essential cleaning supplies are in one space that fits, neat and tidy, in the bottom of a broom closet or under the sink. All you really need is a sponge, cleaning spray, a bucket and some bleach. Easy peasy.

Don't Miss our Printable List

You can download it below! It has EVEN more tips to help bring your kitchen organization to fruition.

Stick it to your fridge while you finish your kitchen organization journey, or keep it on hand to help simplify a big move. Your ideal cook space awaits!

Have you organized your kitchen lately?