La Casa Del Zorro

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Us Southern Californians are a stubborn bunch. We're known for our generally good weather year-round and it's true, we have a very hard time letting go of beach side parties and days spent lounging around the pool as the seasons change.

la casa del zorro outdoor

When the weather does start to cool, many of us extend summer as long as possible by flocking to the desert, to locations such as La Casa Del Zorro.

la casa del zorro lobby

La Casa Del Zorro features old-world resort style nestled amidst scenic Anza-Borrego. First opened in 1937, the historic location is a tranquil retreat against a backdrop of expansive sand and towering mountains. They invited us to be their guest for a few days, taking in some much-needed serenity and solitude at the Borrego Springs hotel.

la casa del zorro games

The property reminded me of the expansive, upscale retreats that I'd visit with my grandparents when I was little. My kids explored the entire 42-acre setting with the same eagerness that I remember feeling. Bocce ball courts and shuffleboard areas, ping pong tables, tennis and yoga spaces and bigger-than-life chess pieces. Bonding and recreational activities were found around every corner.

me at the la casa del zorro spa

I also found a little alone time as I retreated to the on-site spa. After what was easily the best facial I've ever received, I sent Nate in for a massage for some relaxation of his own. He's always so busy planning outdoor fun and off-road adventures, I appreciate the chance to slow things down a bit and vacation my way, with a little bit of pampering.

dessert at la casa del zorro

And an exploration of any resort would be incomplete without some local cuisine! The property features several on-site dining options with selections for every palate. I appreciated the fact that their casual restaurant featured daily specials at a nice discount. Familiar options such as fish and chips and tacos made my family happy.

la casa del zorro casita

Standard guest rooms are extremely spacious and all have direct access to pools. We stayed in one of the casitas, which offered tons of space, separate bedrooms and multiple bathrooms with a mini bar and large living and dining area (perfect for multigenerational travel or groups vacationing together).

la casa del zorro pool

Another huge benefit of the casitas is the private backyard pool area, just steps outside the back door. Our kids were able to splash around all they wanted here without disturbing anyone else.

borrego springs

If you visit, don't miss out on the chance to drive through Borrego Springs. The small town has a ton of hidden gems, including metal sculptures from artist Ricardo Breceda. You'll spot eclectic works from this eternally-stuck Jeep to a giant grasshopper and a 350-foot-long serpent. Insider secret: the artist's shop is currently set up in a warehouse just behind La Casa del Zorro that the owners are letting him use. If you sneak back there, you can peek over the fence to see a massive storage area filled with works in progress and pieces waiting to be installed. It's quite a sight to behold.

Where does your family get away to as the weather starts to cool?


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