On the Subject of Our Little Boys’ Hair

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Of all the stuff we post on Instagram, the thing that seems to generate the most excitement – by a landslide – is our little boys' hair.

Little boys hair #johnsonspartners

These two kids have spunk, for sure. The small one…he kind of looks like he stuck his finger in a light socket. A cross between Albert Einstein and a troll doll, he has a free-floating, blowing-in-the-wind thing going on. His hair matches his spirit. Plucky and totally unconcerned with what anybody thinks.

Little boys hair #johnsonspartners

See? Total awe. The fluff. The fuzz. It's enchanting.

Little boys hair #johnsonspartners

The other little boy's hair alternates between standing on end in a faux hawk and slicking straight back in an SS cut a la Brad Pitt in Fury.

Little boys hair #johnsonspartners

See what I mean?

Little boys hair #johnsonspartners

People are constantly asking what the trick is. They want to know how on earth we get our little boys' hair to be so dang awesome. Do we use some sort of special product? An expensive gel, perhaps? Nope.

How to get Totally Rad Little Boys' Hair

#johnsonspartners #somuchmore

We bathe them like any other normal parent, using JOHNSON’S Baby Shampoo. We foam it on up with a washcloth, sop it all their head over and rinse it off. I love that it's gentle on their sensitive eyes, so we don't have any angry retina moments going on.


#johnsonspartners #somuchmore

It rinses easily so I don't have to scrub their little heads raw, and it's enriched with conditioners to keep their hair silky soft without a bunch of different steps. Bath time is a special bonding time for us, so I appreciate the ability to keep it easy-peasy for the boys.

Little boys hair #johnsonspartners

Towel Dry

I follow our shampoo routine up with a quick towel dry and send them straight off to bed. My little boys' hair is still going strong in the morning. In the past I've tried using various gels and brushes to make their hair do whatever I had in mind, but that's worked with varying results. For the most part, those strands go whichever way they feel inclined. Totally unlike my own mane, which requires a dramatic beat-down with hair product and styling tools.

So there you have it. And for everyone who keeps asking if I'm going to “keep trying for a girl” after having three boys in a row…uh, no. I'm having more than enough fun with my little boys' hair. If I ever feel compelled to get all braid-y and bust out some pretty bows, I'm sure I can get one of them to oblige.

Do you use any special products to get your kids' hair to cooperate?


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