Master Bedroom DIY Photo Wall

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A couple weeks ago, I told you all that we were working on getting some family photos with me actually in them. We had Opa come over and take a bunch for a photo wall in our master bedroom.

Master bedroom DIY photo wall.

The result was so perfect.

Easel wall DIY photo project for the master bedroom - before and after.

Here's a before-and-after to give you some context for our photo wall. Our entire room was this weird orange color (the original owners really liked orange) so I went ahead and teased out a dark grey color from the outfits in our photo shoot and threw it up on one wall as a quick change. It really makes the space pop all of the sudden!

Master bedroom DIY photo wall.

For this series of photos, I didn't want the usual whole-family-staring-and-smiling thing. I wanted to capture Nate and I in our element: just the two of us, very much in love, with our family surrounding us however they felt compelled to. The boys didn't want to look at the camera, and that was okay by me. The master bedroom space is about us, and these photos reflect that. Being pregnant, it also felt a little weird to do the idyllic portrait when one of our family members has not yet arrived. The hallway is strewn with all sorts of posing, smiling pictures of our little buddies…but this was exactly what I wanted for this photo wall.

As kind of a funny twist, for once I am in every single picture!

Master bedroom DIY photo wall.

I worked with our sponsor CVS to print our photos out into 8×8 squares, and then affixed them onto some 10×10 chipboard for a sturdy backdrop.

Master bedroom DIY photo wall.

Since this was such a low-cost endeavor, I can easily swap the photos out as our family changes in the future.

Easel wall DIY photo project

I removed the back legs from some tabletop easels and hung them on the wall for our display.

Master bedroom DIY photo wall.


Master bedroom DIY photo wall.

I love how this photo wall looks classy and simple, but oh-so-accessible for any parent looking to create a space to display the latest-and-greatest family photos.

Master bedroom DIY photo wall.

Pin this project for later and then print out your own family photos on the CVS website at or use the app!

When's the last time you updated your photo wall?


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