No Hurry No Worry Sign

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We first heard the term “no hurry no worry” in Fiji. On island time, there is indeed no hurry at all. This easy vinyl transfer project can be stuck to a wall, mirror, plank of wood, whatever. No worries, man.

No hurry no worry sign

Nate whisked me off to Fiji on a parents-only vacation after my sister passed away. I saw Fiji in a magazine or something once and always imagined it as my “happy place,” so he figured that was his very best bet on planet earth to cheer me up. It really did help me find a sense of peace in that my happy place is now and actual place…complete with incredible memories of boating, swimming, and watching the sun set with my toes in the sand.

Nate took home a cannibal axe as a memento (true story) and I wanted a sign that said “No hurry, no worry.” For some reason there were none to be found on the islands, so I decided I'd make my own!

I used my Cricut die cut machine to get this project in action, and it was SO simple. I printed it out on vinyl and pressed it right onto a sanded old piece of wood I found laying around the farm. Easy peasy.

Printing our No Hurry sign

First, gather your supplies. This project is perfectly-sized for a Cricut Maker or Explore series. If you choose to use a Cricut Joy, you'll need to select the text in my template and drag the arrow in the lower-right to shrink it down so that it's no more than 4.5″ wide.

You'll also want a blue or green mat, black permanent vinyl, transfer tape (regular, not StrongGrip), a spatula tool (that pink thing I'm holding below), and a weeder (the tool that looks like a pointy hook of death).

Oh, and a thin piece of wood cut to about 12×12″. Ish.

No hurry no worry die cut
  1. Trim some black permanent vinyl down to about 8×8″, and use your spatula tool to press it onto a blue or green mat with the black facing up.
  2. Push that mat gently into your Cricut machine, sliding the mat under the little feeder slots on either side. Then, open the template in Cricut Design Space. Hit “Make It” in the upper right-hand corner, “Continue,” and press the blinking button on your machine (this is known as the “Go” button). Cutting magic will happen! Hit the blinking button to unload your mat.
  3. Weed the extra vinyl away from the words with your weeder tool, taking care not to accidentally pull up your wording.
  4. Lay down some transfer tape, also trimmed to 8×8″. Press the transfer tape down firmly to “pick up” the loose letters.
No hurry no worry sign DIY

5. With letters firmly affixed to the transfer tape, it's time to press the transfer tape down onto your surface. Use the spatula tool to press the letters down onto the wood – through the transfer tape – before gently pulling the transfer tape piece away. Pull transfer tape away slowly again, making sure to avoid inadvertently pulling your letters back up.

Woman holding no hurry sign by pool

Then you can use it as decor by the pool to invoke that Fiji vibe anywhere, anytime.

Woman holding sign and looking at dog

If you don't have a Cricut machine, you should totally get one, STAT! It is so much fun to be able to customize and create things at a drop of a hat. I wound up putting Velcro on the backside and stuck it up in our RV. There, it reminds me that I should kick back, relax and play with my pup more. Or snuggle with my babies and love on my husband every chance I get.

Because there really is no hurry.

And no worry.


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