12 Paleo Casseroles to get you through Winter

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Baby number three is out and I'm finally back to consuming (mostly) healthy stuff. Winter – the season of cookies and heavy eating – can be a beast for those of us who try to stay away from sweets and carbolicious platters. So in an attempt to fill our bellies and get us all back on track, I've compiled some of my favorite paleo casseroles.

12 hearty paleo casseroles

The Day family is kind of casserole obsessed. My creative attempts to squeeze a plethora of flavors into a single pan are almost always met with excitement. Nate's the type who mashes all of his food together anyway, so I guess I'm saving him a step, and the kids seem to appreciate that the veggies are at least a little bit disguised. As for me, I'm happy that I don't have to wash multiple dishes. Everybody wins!

Paleo Casseroles for Everyone

As is the general idea with these sorts of meals, there's something for everyone in these paleo casseroles. Meat-lover? Try the four-layer bacon and beef concoction. If you're craving noodles, the tuna “zoodle” dish is a good sub for traditional tuna mac. Fellow farmers with backyard chickens will find something to do with all those eggs, and there are a couple simple paleo casseroles that rely almost entirely on sausage. In the mood for a little Mexican flavor? Spice it up with enchiladas and hatch chiles, or go for old-fashioned home-style taste with some pot pie, green bean casserole or layered pizza. There's even a mock “baked potato” dish that relies on a fluffy cauliflower base.

I bet a bunch of these would freeze really well, too, so you can do a little bulk cooking and give yourself a break. Go on, wipe that drool off your face and whip up some of these paleo casseroles tonight.

If you'll excuse me, I have to go pre-heat the oven.


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