A Purple Peacock Wedding at Leo Carrillo

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I was at the most awesome wedding recently. The colors were purple and cream and there were peacocks everywhere.

Purple Peacock Wedding

It was held at Leo Carrillo Ranch in Carlsbad, a park that serves as a historic preservation center, lush public garden with walking trails and – yes – home to dozens of peacocks.

Welcome sign at an outdoor wedding

When I say this was “recent,” I should probably clarify that I actually mean eight or nine months ago. I've been a little busy with baby-having and work and stuff! Fortunately, I have friends who are patient about photo editing.

Groomsmen hanging out

Obviously I wasn't the wedding photographer, though Nate has worn that hat in the past. No, my expertise is in product shots. So when I can, I bring my camera along to events and capture a few behind-the-scenes details that wedding photogs don't always get.

Casual menu at an outdoor wedding

I like to think that I'm showcasing some of the bride's crafty handiwork or at least filling in a couple gaps that may get fuzzy in our memory over the years. Someday, when Brian and Molly's kids are planning their own weddings and asking every last detail about their special day, the couple can pull up one of these pictures and say, “Oh right, we served tri-tip and parmesan potatoes and it was freaking fantastic.”

All eyes on the bride and groom

As for the bride and groom, Brian is one of Nate's oldest friends / football buddies / roommates from college. He actually continued to live with us for awhile after we moved down here to San Diego, and our kids know him as “Uncle Brian.” He and Molly met online, which we like to make jokes about but…honestly…there's gotta be something to those dating algorithms! They're the perfectly-matched, most head-over-heels couple. The kind that sorta makes you blush just being around.

Casual mason jar flowers at an outdoor wedding

Molly was thorough, and the details of this charming country wedding were just as well-put-together as the couple. Mason jars filled with wildflowers were on the tables, with baby's breath casually gracing the aisles.

Poolside wedding

The poolside setting gave it a cool California feel.

Wedding bunting

Yet there was plenty of burlap and bunting to make sure it didn't feel club-like or pretentious.

Happy hour sign at a country wedding

It's a common move for couples to employ an open bar for happy hour to buy themselves some time to take photos – Nate and I did this at our own wedding!

Setup a bean bag toss to keep guests occupied during happy hour at an outdoor wedding (games and activities like this can help buy the couple some more time for photos!)

On top of that, they also had cute outdoor games to keep everyone occupied. If I could go back in time, I would totally steal this bean bag toss idea.

Table tags at an outdoor country wedding

I was digging the touches of twine, too.

Baby's breath along the wedding aisle

Such a simple accent can be carried throughout the event from start to finish to really tie the whole thing together. Heh. Get it? Tie. With twine. Hah.

Outdoor wedding setting

A bunch of our friends are getting engaged right now and a couple have asked if I'd recommend Leo Carrillo as a good wedding spot in San Diego. Absolutely! Just keep in mind that the peacocks run the show here and they might squawk a little during the ceremony. Seriously. It's hilarious. Like any birds, they're most active around nightfall and sun-up so…you can kinda plan around that.

Jumping groomsmen

I think no matter where a wedding is held, the big thing is to add those personal touches and make it yours just like Brian and Molly did.

Congrats, Brian and Molly, we love you guys!


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