How to Remove a Microwave

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We're in the middle of the longest kitchen remodel in history, and our old food-nuker conveniently decided to give out right before Minion was born. It was time to figure out how to remove a microwave.

How to remove a hanging microwave

When we got a new counter top model, I was inclined to leave the broken one hanging where it was. We could create a nifty collection of electromagnetic radiation boxes! But according to Chelsea that's “tacky.” So I had the pleasure of learning to remove a microwave.

5 Steps to Remove a Microwave

How to remove a microwave #ZepSocialstars

Step 1: Enlist the help of a strong person – or a set of stools/large crates – to catch the microwave when it drops from its hanging position. As cute as your preschooler is, he won't make that part any easier. In fact, his eagerness to help may be a BIT of a distraction throughout most of this process.

How to remove a microwave #ZepSocialstars

Step 2: Investigate the screws at the top of the microwave. There are a couple small ones on the edge of the microwave, and a couple larger ones further back into the cabinet. Give the small ones a try.

How to remove a microwave #ZepSocialstars

Quickly realize that the small ones actually just hold the microwave face on. Whoops.

Also, spend a few moments contemplating all the dirt stashed up here and wondering what exactly you're paying a cleaning person to do every week.

How to remove a microwave #ZepSocialstars

But at least now you have a better view at how the microwave is being held up. Go ahead and remove those larger sets of screws to release the microwave from the cabinet it is affixed to.

How to remove a microwave #ZepSocialstars

Step 3: Don't forget your swearing session when you break the obligatory item. Or in this case, a Worcestershire sauce bottle that you hadn't used in three years.

How to remove a microwave #ZepSocialstars

Realize, too late, that you probably should have unplugged the electricity in the cabinet above, and cleared way for the cord to yank as tension from the loose microwave tugged on it.

How to remove a microwave #ZepSocialstars

Step 4…or something: Jiggle the microwave loose, remove the remaining support brackets and let your wife figure out what the heck to do with that big empty space. This was her idea, afterall.

How to remove a microwave #ZepSocialstars

Step 5: Talk the salesman at Home Depot down a c-note or two on a floor model counter top microwave. When the wife freaks out about all the “stranger germs” present on your proposed display appliance, grab some Zep Commercial Microwave Miracle (conveniently sold at Home Depot, where “Zep Expert” employees are trained to help you with your tough cleaning/drain problems) and show her how you can spray it, turn on the microwave for a minute or two and let it steam clean itself with minimal scrubbing.

She'll give you bonus points for making the whole kitchen smell all “citrusy.”

Some Boy hanging out by the microwave #ZepSocialstars

Stand back and admire the slow progress you're making towards an all-stainless steel kitchen. This room is getting sexier by the minute, and you now know how to remove a microwave, thanks to the school of trial-and-error.


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