Milk Jug Watering Can

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Does this just look like an old milk carton to you? To me, it screams milk jug watering can!

Milk jug watering can

We do our best to upcycle things around the house with stuff like toilet paper roll crafts and party games from random odds and ends. But milk jugs have generally just been tossed into the recycling can and toted away with the garbage man.

Until now.

We've been working with CA Milk, which is a great partnership since our boys drink SO much milk. They wake up demanding food IMMEDIATELY in the mornings so I often hand over a glass of milk to tide them over while I scrounge up some eggs or fruit and get my coffee going (plus, this habit means they're guaranteed to get their calcium and vitamin D needs each day). But I've been determined to find something clever to do with all the containers! There may be more of these creative repurposings coming on as I put my brain to it a little longer. And as the boys continue to drink…and drink…and drink. Milk jug art, perhaps. Milk jug paint containers. Milk jug pencil storage.

No. I have to think BIGGER. Milk jug igloo, anyone?

How to make a Milk Jug Watering Can

Milk jug watering can

This is one of the easiest crafts ever, and I love that Some Boy can use it to water the plants. Before I made his milk jug watering can, he decided on more than one occasion that he should turn the hose on all by himself and blast our poor little plants. And then soak himself. And the chickens. And the goats. And me.

Milk jug watering can

You just clean out a milk carton and use a thumbtack to poke holes in the lid.

Milk jug watering can

A bamboo skewer can make them bigger for more rapid water flow.

Milk jug watering can

Fill the carton back up with water, screw the lid on tightly and voila! Milk jug watering can.

Milk jug watering can

Upcycling milk jugs into milk jug watering cans also helps foster more discussion with the boys about their health and WHY they drink so much milk.

And why the plants need so much water.

Education plus nutrition plus craft time for the win!


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