What RSV Looks Like

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hospital bed for babyWe're finally home from the hospital. We all feel like we've been hit by a truck (did I mention this RSV thing is highly contagious?), but we're home and Minion is okay and that's all that matters. For adults and older children, RSV is a gnarly cold with symptoms similar to the flu. It isn't dangerous the way it is for babies. So now we wait, try to heal, and avoid spreading it any further.

sick baby eating from bottle in hospitalA couple days ago, Minion got better to the point that he could start taking in pumped breast milk. He didn't want a bottle from me, but would take it from the nurse or Nate.

baby's first grabAs he started feeling better, we saw some of his first milestones! It's incredible how much a baby can advance in just a week. He grabbed for the first time. Started consciously smiling. Even squealing and babbling.

Some people have asked what RSV sounds like. I'd actually recorded a video right before we went to the hospital to send to Oma so she could weigh in on if it was really as bad as I thought it was.

Needless to say, it was definitely as bad as I thought it was.

Aunt Inger with MinionWe've been blessed to have many incredible people helping us through this process. Uncles and aunts came from as far from Florida to hold things down at home and lend a shoulder to cry on.

mom and the boys at lunchMy big boys acted like their usual goofy selves, cheering me up when things looked worse than I could imagine.

i mustache you a questionWe even managed to find some good times. Nate and I stole away little moments at Ronald McDonald House across the street and cuddled up in hospital bed-chairs eating chocolate and watching DVDs to distract ourselves as we anxiously waited. Waited and waited and waited. I'm pretty sure he and I are both at least ten pounds heavier from all the stress eating.

nursing minionAnd even though Minion lost a significant amount of weight through this whole ordeal, my little man is springing back like a champ. He still has his puffy cheeks and big buddha rolls, and is eating up a storm. His future is bright.

baby leaving hospitalI'm so thankful for the doctors at Rady Children's Hospital – Dr. Worthen, Dr. Khanna, Dr. Duffy – who put our son's health first at all times. The prayers and well wishes that people sent meant the world to us. One friend even put me in touch with an astoundingly kind-hearted pediatrician – Shakha Gillin – who spent precious time talking me through the details, even though Minion wasn't her patient.

This experience has terrified me to the point that I'd say I'm inclined to hole up and avoid the world. Avoid the dangers until this kid is off to college! But then we'd be missing out on people like that.

As we left I told the staff I hope to never see them again. They laughed and told us not to come back soon.

I certainly don't intend to.


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